* Dos and Don’ts of Winter Fashion for Women

staying warm can be your priority but sacrificing Fashion is not a choice for you! Follow these simple Do’s and Don’ts to look trendy yet warm and cozy this winter season.

Do layer up! Layer is quite necessary for staying warm moreover it helps in putting together different things that will make a complete outfit.


Don’t ignore proportions! While layering is absolutely stunning, never ignore the proportion in wearing layer by layer clothes, never wear extra layers It might make you look fat.


Do wear winter colors as charcoal grey, blue, bright blue, violet, emerald green, black, black-brown, dark hazel, burgundy black etc.


Don’t abandon bright colors completely; add up a pop up color to your dress occasionally for a change.


Do try faux fur this season, giving a touch of fur will work stunning. It gives warmth and looks great.


Don’t become furry Don’t just go for a big fur coat and make yourself look messed up but wear a nice fur mixed with a dress and tights.

Do wear leggings never underestimate the leggings because they are too comfy. Wear those with nice warm short or long sweater, coat and some chic pair of boots.


Don’t wear your Pajamas and sweatpants yes there is no way you can wear your pajamas and sweatpants, the very second you put on your sweatpants or pajamas it means you have given up being a style icon in your squad. It’s hard to resist but you can be comfortable in tights and nice dress.


Do add new clothes and accessories Decide which winter trend you’re going to follow and stick to it, buy only those things that will help you creating a nice outfit. Trust me a couple of coats (basic and neutral color), a scarf can go all the way.


Don’t replace everything in the closet there is no need to replace everything in the closet just because the weather has changed. Try buying things that will go with your existing winter clothes.

Do buy stylish gloves buy pretty gloves to keep your hands warm butDon’t Forget fingerless gloves buy at least a pair of fingerless gloves it makes easy to sign some documents or writing.


Do keep yourself cozy this winter stay thermal and cozy so you can enjoy the season with good health with being sick and cold but,

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Don’t be fuzzy and make your looks frayed


Do Clog boots Clog boots are trendy and comfortable, try them this season.

Don’t platform pumps and high heels sandals are not meant for this season keep those out of your closet.

image051 Remember these do’s and don’ts are just trend statements not any hard n fast rule, all the rules are not meant to be followed make some of your own when it comes to Dress up. Mix up and try something unique yet acceptable.

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