Dressing Styles for Apple and Pear Shape Somen:

Every person does have his/her own body shapes. There are many kinds of the body shaped people. As time shaped, apple shaped, pear shape etc. but now you need to put on that what your body shaped need to be wear on. So just follow such ideas:

Pear shaped:

Pear shaped women are having an extra hip and thighs. Some of the times people likes the pear shaped girls. As in some countries the pear shaped girls were the love ones. As European ladies love to is the pear shaped lady. So there are some dressing tips for the pear shaped girls to look hot and awesome.

Forks and gowns:

Pear shaped girls should wear up frocks and gowns end to the feet, which will cover your hip and also the thigh parts of the body. And makes your personality brighter and makes you more beautiful. But you have to hidden your heavy legs in to the frock and gown. You don’t need to have any kind of cut in your dress designing.


Choose top in bright and embroidery:

You need to choose a brighter color of top, which makes everyone eyes on your top instead of on your hip or thighs. Make sure of having some embroidery on your top or have some prints on your top.


Hips and thighs:

Don’t put lot stuff on your hip. Avoid having belts on your waist as according to the shape of your body it will elaborate your hips and thighs more prominently. So you are not in need of any kind of a belt.

Neckline that seem sexy:

Now for the attraction towards your upper part of the body (bust), and ignorance to the lower side hip and thigh) of the body, you are going to look fabulous and sexy in the neckline dresses. It will attract the eye on your neck and helps you to be avoided from the hip part.



Thoroughly waist gown with scarf:

You need to put a waist gown. And you also need to put some kind of a stylish scarf’s on. This will makes your shoulder more enhancing. As in the pear shaped girls their shoulder are slip and flatter.

Dark up the bottom:

Just you have to do is, wear dark dresses from the bottom. As the black color is the perfect one for the pear shaped girls. They need to wear black on. Black jeans, skirts and any kind of a cloth make your hips feels slimmer.



Apple shaped:

Apple shaped women do have belly problems. They have no shape. They are straight from busts to hips. Not body curves involved in the apple shaped bodies.

Avoid belts:

Apple shaped girls have to avoid belts. Don’t put any kind of the belly thing on. Just make your belly free of any embroidery stuff that no attention got on your belly part.

Avoid clingy dresses

Clingy dresses put more useless shape to your body. As it’s baggy and seems awkward on apple shaped girls. So avoid clingy dress. It put more layers on your belly. Wear a shirt dress that ends on your hip.



Bust attention:

Just have that kind of a dress which makes attention on your bust instead of your belly. The more heavy stuff you put on your busts to make some attention to your bust and you need to be avoided by the attention on your belly.


Mini skirts

Don’t put jeans or trouser or any kind of a full length frocks. Just make it cover with miniskirts.


Have v necked dresses:

Have a v-necked dress up. It will also make your body stylish as others. V-necked dresses also have an attention on eye instead of belly part.


Put jackets or coat on you:

Just go and put on coats and jackets in winter. This is the easiest tip to make your apple shaped body hidden.



A-line skirts:

Put a-line frocks and skirts. That makes you cool and hot with hiding up your body shapes.




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