Most Easy 10 life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easy

Daily life hacks are considered of immense importance. Life changing hacks are so much easy work to do as you can make your life easier and more manageable with small things that you can find it even garbage or waste.

You can count on simple tricks and make use of single thing in varied way which will surely satisfies you. Today we are going to discuss out some of life changing hacks that will make your life peace and easy with little effort only and save you from confusions and things like that. Stay tuned.

1)    When you are going somewhere and you have just packed your bags, then just place a bar of nice smelling soap in your dirty clothes and pack it in your bag. This will lead to fresh smell in clothes and restrict more pungent smell in clothes.


2)    Are you ha heavy sleeper and even more than 10 alarms cant wake you up? Then just put your cell phone in empty water glass. This will make alarm voice loud and you have to wake up to make it silent.

3)    Paper clips are easy to find in every house. You can not only use paper clip for binding paper but also to hold your cords in accurate place.

4)    Do you have strawberries in your fridge? And want to eat them? Well removing their stem from top can be little tricky. Just use a straw and pass it from one end to another in order to remove its stem.

5)    Are you annoyed by smell of your basket especially when you throw something wet in it? Then just place a newspaper in the center of dustbin. It will absorb all the juice and prevent from bad odor.

6)    Having a barbecue party at night? But it seems that you are little bit afraid of doing all the dishes after. Well you will definitely have muffin holder tray. Use it to hold barbeque things you are going to need.

7)    Are you going to thorough water plastic bottle? Then stop because you can use it in variety of ways. You can put you can make it as a cord holder for your cell phone.

8)    Don’t throw empty ketchup bottle. You can pour pancake mixture in it and make pancakes easily.

9)    Use shoe rack to hold cleaning supplies in a place and away from reach of kids.

10)    Try to use nail polish to differentiate your keys by color code.
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