How Stress Less Sleep Is Possible

Well stress is kind of inevitable in today’s competitive life, we all face various situations is our daily life that leaves us stressed out and anxious for the next day, the exhausting day effects the sleep time, as our mind doesn’t feel relaxed and it keep our body restless. In such a situation it is possible that your health and efficiency to read or work come to a lower stage. In the earlier times stress wasn’t a much big problem and people rarely get treatment and medication for the stress, depression and anxiety like problems. But now a days it is said that out each 5 Americans 3 are stressed due to different reasons.


Fact: 80% of the world’s painkillers are consumed by Americans.

There are some useful tips on how stress-free sleep is possible.

Plan out-not stress out

It is a common problem of most of the people that all kind of thoughts and tensions attacks their minds when they lay down on their beds to sleep, you can say “over thinking” initiates right at the time of sleep when you are stressed out that makes it hard to fall asleep and even if you sleep the mind stays awake and you wake up tired. The solution to this problem is “PLANNING”, in order to sleep without stress and any disturbing though is that you plan out the what next you are going to do about the thing you are having. Keep it simple and short and don’t spend the whole night in merely planning out the next day.

Let go of the past

you may have guilt, a sense of being a loser or maybe you are regretting losing an opportunity and all these kind of feelings causes nothing but stress. For moving on and to be prosperous and successful you need to live in the present and to live with higher perspective.

Make an unbroken sleep cycle

this can actually helps a lot in more than one ways. A good sleep cycles ensures the good life and fix the many of the health problems. And when you have an unbroken or undisturbed sleep cycle that means you will fall asleep now matter how stressed or how tired you are feeling.

Keep the bedroom pleasant

you’re place of sleep makes a difference. It the room is a mess or it is uncomfortable you will feel more stressed. Make your bed and keep the bedroom pleasant turn the extra light off before going to bed.

Keep distance from technology

one of biggest reason of bad bed-time is sleeping with technology, never use your phone or laptop like devices before sleeping.

Take help from Music

Music is better than medication sometimes, as it leaves great effects on humans. It is been revealed from the studies that different kind of Music can enhance different abilities. Listening to your favorite song before sleep might make the bed-time better.

Know when you need medication

if your stress is chronic, you should consult a sleep therapist or a specialist for medication or any other solution that can induce some sleep.

Quit caffeine

tea, coffee and other drinks that keep your mind awake, you must not drink them.

Re-think about what and when you are eating

food can do wonders depending upon us, eating the right thing at the right time this is all it require. It is advised that you must always eat you night meal at 2 hours before bedtime. Eat foods containing nutrients that promote sleep, including tryptophan, melatonin and magnesium. Whatever you eat should be easily digestible.

RELAX through relaxation bath or exercise

Mix half cup of Epsom salts with some essential oil like lavender oil in hot water, keep your body soaked for 20 minutes. The Epsom salt contains the magnesium which is absorbed through the skin and makes the body relaxed.


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