How to Look Good in Saree if you are Skinny?

Saree is a traditional dress that looks so elegant and makes you look stunning at any event, this dress style is loved by women of all age, every girl love to wear sarees but few find problem in selecting what type of saree she should wear when she is thin or skinny. Well following guidance you can choose best saree for you that will make you look as stunning as a fashion diva.

It is believed saree suits the best to body with curves, so few things are meant to be kept in mind when you’re selecting a saree for you specially when you’re skinny and your body has fewer curves than other women.


The fabric

the first thing to consider when you are selecting a saree for you keeping in mind that you’re skinny choose the stuff that will not stick around your bodyline, fabrics like Chiffon, Georgette, net and Crepe and pick fluffy fabrics as cotton, tissue, organza, Tussar, Kancheepuram Silk, these fabrics will make volume to your physique.


Print of saree

Printed sarees are trendy looking but Print of the saree you’re going wear can also make you look thin, thick, tall or short so it’s important to consider design of saree carefully, keep your height in mind as well Short but skinny girl should select sarees with strips design, delicate print and pattern. If you’re tall and skinny choose sarees that have big, bold motifs and attractive prints on it.


Design of blouse

thin girls has advantage of thin arms, toned midriff and waist. So they are allowed to show off their body, select blouse with puff hand. To create fuller silhouette opt for corsets, low cut blouse and low waist sarees.


Border of sari

border of saree matters a lot it can make whole impression of sari most of the times, Tall and thin girls/women should wear sarees with big bold printed or embroider borders, while short and thin girls should prefer small borders or no borders for looking gorgeous in her saree.


Color of saree

the color you wear it makes or break your looks, you can play with colors, color make illusion of size so it can be helpful in looking better in saree. Bright colors will make you look fuller and give illusion of curves to your body. Consider you color complexion as well, try dark colors if you have wheat complexion and if you have fair skin tone wear light colors


Draping style

Style is never what designers make for you it’s the way you carry what you’re wearing. Draping style of your saree do make a difference in making you look thin or fat, the way you drape a saree on your body will decide how you look. A saree not draped tidily will make your appearance vague no matter what type of saree you’re wearing. For a thin girl, do not drape the saree tightly let it be slightly loose.


Heavier sarees are made for thin women; slim girls should opt for sarees with bold and heavy embroidery and other fancy work and should also give a try to Lehenga style sarees with heavy embroidery and big borders.


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