Ideas and ways of Become Famous in School

School is a place with high level of competition, this competition is not only about studies and sports but the high school’s student are too eager to be popular and famous in school, some use their talent to be famous, some use their mind and intelligence and some use money as well. Well regardless of the fact school is a place to study but this competition can’t be avoided and to be true there is nothing harmful in it.


Anyone can be famous by making some changes, see the following tips and ideas to what you can do.

Be confident and get yourself out there

Being confidant allows you to face every kind of situation mindfully and enables you to leave a good impression on whoever you meet. So be confident about yourself, no one is perfect and being perfect is not the requirement to become famous either. Just get recognized, if you are addressed give a positive response also, be prominent in the class.

Don’t just sit in the corner and watch other people talking and laughing, you got to be active and look approachable. Get yourself out there refers to getting out of your comfort zone doing stuff like, playing, having conversations, don’t wait for others to start but take a step first.

Be prominently stylish

It is important that you look good. You don’t have to overdo it. As dying your hair in weird colors or getting a tattoo, these things might make you look different, but that’s not what you need to do. Find your own style, make your own style statement and always look comfortable and confident. This also doesn’t mean that you have to buy the most trendy and expensive clothes. That might make others think you are out of their reach.

Be Friendly

Friendly people have more chances to be famous. As they are more courteous and helpful it gives them plus points.

Don’t act careless

People who don’t care for others, ultimately no one care for them. So don’t act so cool and show compassion and concern.

Be sociable

Be sincerely interested in others, not just be interesting to capture attention. Start conversations, smile at people you see every day, shake hands with people and look approachable. Share general thoughts and never talk about anything that can hurt others emotions, and topics that are controversial. Another important thing which one shouldn’t do only for the purpose of being ‘popular’ is not poking nose in others matter, especially fights and friendships. That can seriously annoy people and make you a presence unbearable.

Help as much as you can

The famous ones may don’t know everyone but they are always good to everyone.  Do little things that can make a difference to others, grab each chance you see to help someone out. if you see you can’t be of any help you can at least make them feel you hope for the best for them, and be kind.

Join clubs, sports team, and the community

These three places will bring the best out of you, you will discover your special qualities and it is the best way to get known to so many people. Be optimistic and give positive vibes to others as you get along with them.

Bonus tips:

Always be real. Be good at studies and be actually present in class.

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