Some Ideas That Will Change Your Life


Are you happy with your life? If yes then how can you maintain your happiness and if not then what could be the reason behind your unhappiness?  In this modern era it has come in observation that most of the people are unhappy with their life. In fact mostly people become so frustrated with their life that they commit suicide when they see no way to get rid of anxiety. Before you reach to such state start thinking where could be the problem is. Following are some ideas that will change your life completely;

Be contented;

The most important thing is to be contented with whatever you have. The best way to achieve this goal is to look at the people who are lower in their status before you. It has often seen that people look at luxurious life and envy those people who have high lifestyle. They start disliking their life and become dissatisfied. The reason of dissatisfaction is just this that you see people who are higher in rank and do not look at those people who are not even equal to you. If you look at the people who do not have sufficient to eat you will be happy with your three time simple meal.

Think positive;

Keep yourself busy doing different things so that you might not become negative. An empty mind is the house of satan and if you have nothing to do, you will just think about the bad incidents of past. You should have the ability to turn a negative situation into positive one. In every matter look at the positive side such as whenever something truly annoyed or bad come before you think all about the blessings you have. For example if someone says you do not have enough wealth to go for a world tour and see the beauty of nature, just think at least you have legs to walk on your own and eyes to see the things around you. Every person is blessed with innumerable blessings and need is just to look at them.

Be nice to others;

Many people complain that every other person is doing bad to him or her and they are not happy with the world. You cannot change the world but you can change yourself. Do not look at the wrong doings of others because you cannot change them but look at your own faults. Think you may be wrong in some ways, may be you are not dealing in a right way to others. You need to have a lot of patience to look at your own shortcomings. If someone do wrong to you try to forgive him or her as soon as possible because you yourself will feel happy. People treat us the way we allow them to treat. So be nice to others and behave them exactly the way you want to be treated.

Don’t expect too much;

If you are spouse, daughter, friend, son or parents do not expect too much in your relations. If you expect your husband to wish you on your birthday and he does not then do not take this on heart. At least you have your husband before you and you can see him and talk to him. There are people who have to live at distance and they just wanted to have a glimpse of their spouse. Not only in this relation but in every relation try to give and in return do not expect anything from others to live happy.

Do not become the slave of your desires;

If you have good ambition or aim in life and you are trying to achieve that goal this thing is good. But do not become the slaves of your desire. Keep in mind if you bow down before your wishes you will have to bow before world but if you raise your head before desires the world will bow down before you.

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