How to live Alone Happily

Are you living alone? Well you are not alone. A recently published census data reveals that 31 million people are living alone. This shows that over a quarter of population live on their own. The further study on people living alone is quite worrisome research shows that people who live by themselves may be at a greater risk for depression and alcoholism.

The result of the study might be horrifying but you are not supposed to be unhappy or depressed, Living alone can be tough, tiring, boring, and sometimes depressing too, but the person who lives solo can make a different story by using his social, metal and physical skills, after all this is your right to be happy.


The following are some beneficial ideas you can use to live a happy alone life.

Meet your neighbors

These people can be very helpful in breaking the silence in your apartment, try to make a good relationship with at least 2 of your neighbors so you can lean on them and invite them over when you feel too lonely. Deb Carr says, “In urban settings that pride themselves of being havens for anonymity, it’s important to reach out to a few people that live close to you.”

Make your place accessible for people your trust

Living alone might bring some risks with it; you should always be prepared for the unseen. If you make your place accessible for at least one person you can trust, then do so. Give a copy of your apartment’s key to that person, epically if you are forgetful, no matter how old you are it is still good to have someone around in case of an emergency.

Be social

You shouldn’t be sitting in your room whenever you are free. There should always be some kind social event you have to attend. Dr. Klinenberg’s research shows that the singles are more opt to socialize with friends in comparison with married people; they eat alone out, go to art and science museums, exercise, attend public events and volunteer. But it takes more effort to plan these kinds of activities and when you are living alone. But in order to be happy and to avoid stress you must live with people around once in a while.

Do positive things

Don’t do things that will consume your mind and your energy, being aware is ok but watching too much news can make you doomed. Avoid all the things that can make you feel down. Rather than that do things that can make you happy, make a strict routine of exercising, when you will exercise daily at a park you will be healthy plus you will make new friends. People who live alone watch TV more and that is unhealthy too, instead of that you can read books or watch theater.

Don’t let your mind astray

The way you think can make your life positive and happy or unhappy and depressed, depends. Always have a positive approach toward everything in your life; it makes life easy and less tiring. Never ever get trapped in negative thoughts, once you start thinking negatively you will keep on thinking that way. To be happy you must cut off all the negative and consuming thoughts.

Be creatively busy

Stay busy in doing something creative and productive, you can live a far better life when you are engaged in some activity that you love. Use your time alone as an advantage to be yourself and to discover your strengths and abilities. You will surely feel less alone and happy being busy and creative.



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