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God has made the man accurately  means God has done His work properly but personality is made by the man  himself because it is depend on the nature of the  that person the  habits of good and bad helps him to make a good person  because  the thinking style and the  activities with the different motions  is called  personality. Everybody likes the different personality and the dealing of the everyone is different from the others that make the other unique and different from the others .it is the wish of everyone that he look perfect and the charming personality in the eyes of the others because everyone like your good habits so you should eliminate your all bad habits and become a model in the eyes of the others .

if you want to be look yourself in the successful path then you should do your dealings good because 80 % of your successful is hidden in the happiness of the others .it is a fact that personality never remain same the changing is must come with the passing of time and probably man is himself not aware about the changing of himself but changing is compulsory with the time and the age so some rules which can change your personality and mould it in good way.

Self confident:

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When you are going to developing your personality first of all take attention toward  your confident that should be strong because  if you lose your confident in front of the others then you are not a good  speaker  and in the gathering you should  maintain your confidence if you are speaking wrong then you should  not  hesitate on it because the other think  this person is very brilliant may be it is saying right if you are a girl then don’t hesitate to sit in the  opposite sex because in  many ways  you have to sit and stand together then you should  increase your confident level .don’t be too much smiley  and don’t too much serious but keep in your  mind the talk which is something serious then give the sad expressions and on the funny talk give something smiling effects  but  don’t laugh  loudly.

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Enhance your knowledge:

The knowledge is the  key to power through the knowledge we can explore many minds and the  hearts like the big ships and seas because knowledge is  such a wealth which is not stolen by anyone  and the sea of the knowledge is very vast the quench should not be finished in you  try to gain knowledge more and more  because it give you a high status in the eyes of others and in the  practical life also  due the use of  knowledge you  learn many things which is compulsory for  making the personality good. Make your personality model   for the others if you are a teacher then   do your work well and students who like the teacher personality then you should make your personality impressive for the others and a good model.

Look decent and civilized:

The effect is much on your personality is  your  speaking style and your  dressing because due to the dressing a man can judge you which type of person you are  because  many educated and the knowledgeable   person carry simple and decent dresses because their education give them  awareness to look simple because in the simplicity you can  gain everything .it is fact that many educated people  are as who are very ill mannered and arrogant  they feel proud on their education and knowledge and some   people are very civilized and polite so make your personality gorgeous and well  never create the element of proud in yourself it will make your personality good and excellent.

 Be loyal and stress free:

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If you are a loyal person then you will see everywhere is peace and comfort  and the element of the all  bad things are gone  because you have eliminate your bad habits and want to make your good habit more better  and in your duties you should be loyal if someone is  in the need of your help then you should help him with open hearts  because  in the difficulties a person want to a helper  if  that person is in the difficulty then listen his troubles and give good solution then you will gain a place in his heart and he will feel what a good person that is  and when you  are in trouble never lose your heart  and remain stress frees from all the miseries  because stress can make the psycho patient always stay stress free and pass the smile when you see others it will show that you are a good person.

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