Rearrange Your Room in Just few Changes to look Fabulous:

Are you getting bore of seeing an old decoration of room?

Are you a good decorator?

Are you not?

Whatever it’s ok I’ll help you to rearrange your lovely room with a new and glamorous and yes cheep and chic ways.

Here we are with you to rearrange your bedroom THE BEST ROOM of your house.


See this room is quite fabulous with having a work at the back wall. If you are having a plan back wall then you should try it once by having a mirror work on the wall. It’s not compulsory to decorate the wall in circle shaped wall you can apply any kind of a broken mirror with any shape.



You just need to collect broken glass and apply some sticky thing (glue, silicon fixing) and then you got to have a beautiful background.

Further more you need to follow few steps to make it different:

Get organized and de clutter the room first. Just give away your cloths to the poor once by this you can get rid away of your useless cloths and as well as you will earn virtues by helping poor

Add some color by painting your own old stuffs. Take your side table and have some different paint colors and yes a brush also. And just paint it out at ever style you want. Up to you that you want it vertically or horizontally.

  • image027

Add some paint on your front door too. And the color depends upon your choice. Majority of the people got sucked up of their boring door style. And you just need to put some colors of design make sure to be unique.


If you’re alone, if you want or need to replace your stuffs Bring in the muscle, Find someone to help you move heavy pieces so that you don’t hurt yourself. Maybe you and a friend or neighbor can take turns helping each other, Combine different sizes and textures in a room for a cozy, eclectic vibe. Mix patterns and color. If you prefer a traditional, serene look, keep the furniture scale and fabrics similar.


Color really helps change a room. If you and your housemates are struggling and not getting for the right choice of the paint color then surely you can add strip work , so do compromise and do what they says. If you don’t want to repaint your room, and create a focal paint or add some color full strips to the front wall. Add different colors and also different designs for something new.


Set up your make up kits with the utensil glass. Put your brushes (eyeliner, blusher, etc) or easy die up makeup storage area. Bought a new set of makeup brushes at Winners, and bought a glass vase and some pebbles (a decorative product) to create a cute way to keep and organize your brushes in your own way. Place names upon the glass. If the makeup is for eye elaborate it with the name. It will make you comfortable for the selection.


These are the easy ways to redecorate your house.

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