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Offering prayer in Islam is a compulsory deed, it has its spiritual benefits as well as physical and mental advantages, It’s is called nourishment for the souls and peace of hearts.

Allah says in the Quran: “Successful indeed are the believers, those who humble themselves in their prayers.” (Quran 23:1-2)

This verse shows that Allah blesses the one who offers prayers.

Regular praying leads to a contented life, and healthy body, here are some of the benefits of regular praying I was able to summarize.


Surely, the prayer (Salah) prevents evil speech and bad deeds…” (Quran 29:45)
Praying make us pure, it washes away the dirt from our souls, we feel less burdened when we pray.

Healing power

No doubt Allah is the best healer, by praying one’s healing ability increases, the person who prays regularly is more likely to recover from the wounds and diseases than the person who doesn’t pray.

Peace of Mind

Praying give rest to the restless minds, a person feels more at ease and light headed after praying. Salah cure the depression and anxiety. If you are having bad time and too depressed for reasons, pray and you will feel the difference in just 10 minutes.

Stronger heart

The postures and gestures during prayer help in circulating blood in our body to make our heart strong, it also helps in controlling high blood pressure and cut of the chances of many diseases that tag along high blood pressure, i.e., paralysis, strokes, heart attack and blood sugar

Increased efficiency to work

Praying regularly increases our efficiency to work; praying gives the whole benefits of workout, it work on our muscles to make them strong.

It gives confidence

A person who prays feels confidence in whatever he or she do. The purity and self-satisfaction brighten up the soul that gives confidence.

You learn to manage time

There are fix timing for offering salaat that helps us learn to manage time accordingly, life becomes more disciplined.

You get control over yourself desires

A person who prays regularly sees the worldly things less attractive, he gradually become more and more contented and happy with whatever he own, he helps other to gain his Lord’s grace.

Control over anger

A Devout person will never be harsh to others he never get angry, he get control over his grudges and anger towards other and himself.

You learn to be patient

Allah helps those who keep the patience. Salaat bring us close to the Creator and let our worries go. The people who pray regularly learn to be more patient and become poise in nature, that’s the standard of mighty and low near Allah.

Less chance of tumors

A person who prays have less chances of falling ill, it prevent a lot of disease as discussed above,moreover it lessens the chances of tumors and cancers. There are a lot more less chance for a person who prays regularly to get a tumor than a person who doesn’t pray.

Prevent germs

Namaz (Salaat) is a gift for us from Allah, Ablution is compulsion for offering prayer or reciting Quran, when a person washes his hands five times a day it keep him safe from germs and harmful viruses that cause cold, flu and other diseases. He stays healthy and enjoys the benefits of active life.

There are many other benefits of praying that are beyond explanations, it create a bond between The Allah and us, we communicate to the Allah through Namaz that is the source of peace and happiness.

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