Sleeping Positions that Reduce Back Pain:

Many of the times the way you sleep cause the concept of lower back pain. It held because of wave of you back bone specially the pelvic tilt or spine of your back80 percent of the people are suffering with the lower back pain during the sleep time.

“If that is not an option, perhaps sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag may mimic a firm surface, and sleeping on a couch may mimic a softer surface,” Thomas says.

And Grous says; “That some people may find it helpful to use a contoured pillow to alleviate neck strain or to sleep on just one pillow instead of a stack of several pillows.

So if you want to get prevent of the hectic pain then you need to follow some of these tricks and tips.

Mattress saggy or hard:

Grant Wilson, a physiotherapist and the co-author of “7 Steps to a Pain-Free Life,” told

“Most people are more comfortable with a reasonably firm mattress and certainly a solid base. A reasonably firm mattress keeps the spine straight and therefore lessens pressure on all the joints and the structures around the spine.”

So it’s not that important to change up your mattress. The thing you need to do is to settle down your mattress well, beware of that your mattress shouldn’t be too saggy or too much hard, try to make it normal.

Pillow under knees:

This will help your spine to maintain its natural curve. Just put the pillow under your knees and have a pillow under your head and have a sweet dreamy sleep. This will help you lower down your pain well. It also helps your back bone and your pelvic tilts to stay horizontally on the bed.



Under your abdomen:

If you are not getting well of making height under your knees, then you need to put height under your abdomen. This will help you giving stress on your belly as well which prevents the digestive system also, including straighten up you back bone, which helps you preventing from your back pain. This is the best way to get ease from back pain easily. Whenever you put pillow under your abdomen you need to make it extra under the top knee.


Under your legs:

Dr. Matthew H. Milligan, MD,

“There is no one position that will be best for those will back pain. Some people with back problems find that sleeping on their side, curling their knees up towards their belly, is helpful. You did not get back pain from sleeping wrong, so it is very unlikely that you will worsen your back pain by any sleep position”.

Put pillow under your leg, makes your back feel better. As; Dr Michael Breus say:                                                   “If you have neck and back pain, you should sleep on your back or your side, and sleep with a pillow between your legs to align your spine. In this video, sleep expert Michael Breus, PhD, discusses the sleep positions that are best if you have pain”.


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