Social Ladies Spend A Lot on Fashion

Looking swank, fashionable and being in spotlight is one of the popular interests of many social ladies in past years. Some of them want to keep up with the trends and others just don’t want to be blackballed while staying in touch with people.


Fashion refers to the style of clothing put on by most of the people in a country.

To what degree has the fashion affected the life of women, especially of those who socialize?”

A huge number of women in the entire world with less or no income want to dress up according to latest trend. They want to compete their friends, colleagues and relatives. They completely sabotage their ability to pay for other necessities of life.

The incompetence of social ladies to become mod has even affected their social life as think they are not able to face others if they put on the same old fashioned clothes each time they meet others. Most of the social ladies frantically copy the dresses of other trendy ladies especially shown on the Television screen. They start neglecting their homegrown dress sense which builds up their cultural mores.

What are some of the reasons giving airs to the current fever for fashion competition among social ladies?

Most of the social women are of the view that men of today don’t like women who are not fashionable. They don’t like the ladies with natural looks. They say, some of the men are more sensible in telling the kind of shoes and dress with a bag to match, they will also tell you the kind of makeup you should wear and even buy.

Women want to compete with their peers

Social ladies consider themselves in competition and want to be seen on the top of the event. They feel trendy fashion gives them high esteem.

“Social Ladies want to look fashionable at what cost and whose expense?”

Those social ladies who are in job and having an earning hand can afford following the trends, but those who are with no income are obviously dependent on others and follow the contemporary fashion at the expense of other family members who already may have so many other expenses of daily life and others.

People with lower income also want to be recognized through fashionable dresses, shoes, bags, makeup, accessories etc.

”Are these really important and do they form the indices of a successful or beautiful woman?”

In current world, fashion is really about sensuality, that’s what each woman feels inside. Four decades before, women used to dress up with exaggerated shoulders and waists to leave strong impression. Now, they are more complacent with their bodies.

Having a desire to look good and trendy is a natural thing and it does not necessarily reside in the type of clothes, shoes and makeup worn by us but how we keep ourselves. Is it the true statement that men always like the women who dress up according to the fashion? In my view, it is rather a pipe dream than a fact. Trying to look good for your own self is quite a better reason behind following the current trends.

People, especially women and more specifically social women have started living according to fashion rather than the reasons. There are fluctuating opinions on why women spend so much on fashion.

In fact, the fashion has penetrated into our homes and severely affected not only our life style but our way of thinking. Once women get caught on this inimical quirk, they end up spending a big portion of their income on clothes and other accessories and have nothing left for the core accessories in their lives. The men they think noticing may not be noticing at all as no one has got plenty of time to consider such inconsequential stuff. All we do is upgrading the designer at our own menace.

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