The Silver and Grey Hair Dye Trend

Though going grey with your hair was a bad dream! Grow hair are not only for young now. Currently, there is a large group which has been supporting grey locks. While the catwalks are collaborating with silver haired models look ravishing.

The silver and grey dyed hair are being in trend and the ladies are now tending towards getting their hair dye in these in vogue colors. They have taken over the internet by storm as coolest hair fashion.

The trend of dying hair in grey and silver has been all over the world. Going grey is equally getting into trend on social media and blogs. Moreover celebrities are falling in love with this dyeing trend. Many celebrities have been spotted rocking the statement color both on and off the red carpet. Names of Jade Thirlwall, Ginnifer Goodwin, Zosia Mamet, Nicole Richie Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Ellie Goulding are included. This trend is the way to go this season.



Doing grey Rihanna rocked a dip-dye take on the trend.

Ginnifer Goodwin:


Ginnifer Goodwin is doing with two trends side by side, one is doing short and being tinted-grey. Perfect time to get experimental with color!

Ellie Goulding:


Ellie Goulding was one of the pioneers of the grey hair hue trend – looking gorgeous

Young ladies around the globe have gotten tired of how great more seasoned silver ladies can at times look with their silver hair and have begun kicking the bucket their hair dark also. Whether it’s a demonstration of desirous apportionment or an implied gesture to the more established women that know how to shake their silver bolts, this silver hair pattern has a method for blowing some people’s minds. Whether you’re youthful or old, we need to see your silver hair photographs

In case if you are in search of a change and need to try different things with various shades or tones then this is the ideal search for you. This exploratory shading has negligible commitment and will wash out of the hair progressively during a time of two to four weeks relying upon the profundity of grey reflects.

Keep in mind that in order to go grey you need to pre-help the hair to a spotless white blonde and after that tone with a customized grey blend tone. If you have brown eyes and warmer skin complexion, the suitability is ensured. Placing grey shades throughout the mid lengths and ends of hair, make your hair look cool.

If you want to go with grey and silver dyeing, you must keep in mind that lightening your hair to this tone can weaken them. You should use best hair product so that you may prevent weakness or damage. Use the lightener which is great as it contains beeswax which conditions the hair whilst lifting. Ask your in-salon colorist to check sensitivity of your hair before you proceed.



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