Tips and Tricks of Dealing with a Messy Partner if You are Organized:

You are in love with your partner no doubt, but you are actually worrying for his/her messy things he/she does around you. You’re an organized partner and he/she is not, this is the problem actually. Don’t worry! I am going to provide accommodate you with some tips and tricks to deal with your messy partner.



Stay calm:

Whenever you got burst up with aggressiveness of seeing a mess of your partner compass by your partner around you, stay calm don’t burst up on your partner, there will be no moral, but a dispute takes place between both of you. You just need to do is stay calm. And bear up your anger. Ask for the mess to you partner calmly.

Make agreement:

If you are having a person who stays on his/her words. Then it’s going to work. Make an agreement with your life partner for the solution of compassing mess everywhere. Make some promises to not make mess. But if he do, then he/she themselves will be liable for their own mess. They will make it clean by them self.

Ask for help:

Ask for your own help if he/she don’t able to clean up themes. Then both of you have; fun clean up the whole mess held by your partner. Do help your messy partner and let him/her know how to clean up his/her mess. May be this will change your partner in to an organized person.



Avoid nagging:

Do avoid nagging. Don’t disrespect your partner with aggressive words. May be this will result badly. There will b just a dispute if nagged on, nothing else. So you need to have a control your tongue and voice. Stay calm and polite. This is the good way to talk to your husband. You need to know nagging destroys relationships.



Say it once:

Don’t repeat thoroughly. For example “if your husband is back at home and he is compassing mess everywhere then you need to just to do is say it once in polite and cute way to not to spread mess everywhere. It results well”.

Involve your kids:

Involve your kids in to the situation, as some of the times when your partner is not getting what you’re saying to him/her, do ask your kids, as it is an experimental trick. Your kid will ask your partner to not to do what he/she is doing this will make that messy person feel cautious on himself.

Establish suitable places for things:

You need to establish suitable places for hanging things. Like, if there is no place to hang your key and jacket while after entering the house, you need to put a key chain and also a hanger which makes your husband regular of placing his/her things on the proper place.



Ask when your partner will be in romantic mood:

If your partner is messy and don’t want to listen anything about any mess he do spread. Then you need to have a talk in romantic mood. This will make your partner calm first and do listen to you, and also do follow you.



Polite conversation:

Have a polite conversation. Yelling and passive is not better than the way of conversation in polite mood. Just ask him/her the deprivations to your partner about the mess he/she do spread.




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