Various Ideas to Look Stunning at 50 for Men and Women

this is in the nature of human being we never want to get old. But there is no stop. Getting old can’t be helped but showing the signs of aging can be controlled. You don’t have to look older than you are. You can always look younger than your age that only needs your determination and consideration.

Here some amazing tips and advices are giving after consulting stylists.

Stay Active, Be Healthy (Yoga)

Being healthy and active reflects on your face, a person who isn’t active will fall sick more often than a person who is active and healthy. Do some yoga and cardio for being fit and it will show on your face.


For Men

Workout Durations men at 50
Flexibility: 20 minutes/day
Strength: 20 minutes/day
Cardio: 20 minutes/day

For Women

Workout Duration for women at 50
Flexibility: 15 minutes/day
Strength: 15 minutes/day
Cardio: 15 minutes/day

Note: You can always change these durations in accordance with your stamina.

Be Conscious of your diet

eating healthy isn’t a choice especially at your 50, healthy food with proteins and vitamins is need of your body to look good. You cannot look any good if you’re not taking good care of your meals.


Get a new hairstyle

Tips for women

you don’t have to long hair unless they look extremely stunning, change your hair style and preferably short hair. There are hair cut that make you look younger.


Tips for men

having nice gentleman haircut will suit you better than having messy vague haircut. Style your hair in a manner that will make you look younger and handsome;

don’t make yourself look like old grandpa because you’re still at your fifties.


Color your hair

Tips for both

coloring your hair will surely have a great impact on your overall appearance, choose the color carefully.

Coloring your hair with natural colors will be great. Avoid experiments and use quality products for dying and maintain your hair color well.


Take care of your hands and feet

Take care of your hands and feet more than your face because with the increasing number of years your hands get more rapidly old then your face. It has been seen people have young looking faces but their hands reveal the story.


Skin care

Tips for women

if you want to look younger than your age you got to take care of your skin no matter what. Take proper sleep time and mild skin products. You should use vitamin containing products for cell renewal.


Tips for men

Try to keep your skin moisturize and dirt free, sleep well and eat well.

cosmetic acupuncture but not BOTOX!


absolutely stunning with simple and elegant make up.


Don’t wear shapeless baggy clothes

Tip for both

there is no need to wear shapeless clothes that make you look like a sack, grab some new stylish dresses today and change your appearance try nice fitted dresses it helps you a lot in looking younger than your age.


Avoid wearing black so often

Black is really attractive for both men and women of all age wearing black make you look older than you’re, try out different colors.


Be yourself

At your 50 you’re the person who know you more than any other person, just be yourself and show the world real you. Be stylish and stunning but not fake.


Dental care

this is really important to take care of your teeth at your 50. It’s the time you need to take regular appointments with your dentist. White healthy teeth make your smile more precious.


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