Various Ways and Ideas to be a Good Leading Lady


Being a leader means you will have to bear more responsibilities, more of the uncertain situations will come to your way and the more you will have to endure and be concentrated to the goal in front of you, for being able to do all this you must possess that potential and the determination.

The best you can do to become a great leading woman:

Be yourself

A leader is someone whom people follow not the one who is not even acting real, to be someone really worthy you have to accept yourself in the way you are, for that you must have high self-esteem and confidence. Danae Ringelmann says, “Don’t be afraid to be you and own it. If you think being a leader is about having some agenda, it’s not. Being a leader is actually being completely with who you are and speaking from that place, giving feedback, sharing opinions from that place. That’s why people follow you.”


Everyone can talk, but not everyone have the ability to LISTEN, a leading person must have this quality in order to lead well and to co-ordinate with his subordinates. Katie Rae says, “When it’s a smaller team, you can rapidly make changes because you’re all sitting in the same room together, looking at each other,” she tells Fast Company. “As teams get bigger, I have to be very careful about the advice I give. If the founders ask me, I tell them my opinion, but as teams get bigger, the more I really have to listen.”

Never stop learning

If you think you don’t possess those specific qualities, you got to think again because anyone can be a LEADER. Rachel Sklar Says, “There’s a lot of talk about being a born leader … having natural leadership. I think that’s a myth. My experience is that if you are not paying attention to the things you’re doing wrong, then you’re not evolving and learning. I would say that leadership is something that is learned. It can be learned and should be learned. Leadership is something you’re always honing and learning and reflecting to see ways you could have been better at it. Anyone who thinks they’re a natural leader is probably horrible to work with.”


To be more knowledgeable and well-informed you got to ask a lot. Monif Clarke says, “Leadership is asking a lot of questions. I’ve learned that between customers, employees and all our stakeholders, my number one job is asking [my team] a lot of questions so I can serve them. They are on the front lines dealing with customers or wearing our products and while I am steering the ship, they are the engine and the propellers. I have to be responsive to what they need and often people are too busy or bogged down to even articulate what they need.”

Be Humble

Humbleness is an attribute that can help in fixing hearts and making others feel comfortable, be humble when you are nothing and more humble when you achieve your goals. Brooke Moreland says, “I think to be a good leader, you really need to learn humility. To give credit to your subordinates when things go well and to shoulder the responsibility when things hit the fan. It’s hard, but I think the lack of ego is something that people respect and appreciate.”

Give services

Be someone who is ready to serve. Binta Niambi Brown says, “Most people don’t realize that leadership is fundamentally about service, about a dying to self and loving others into their true potential. It isn’t about us personally. It isn’t about what we can get, or consume. It isn’t about elevating ourselves above others. It isn’t about ego. Leadership is about lowering ourselves such that the people who work with us, and our organizations can thrive in ways that create value (economic and social).


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