Ways to keep Busy and Purposeful Life After Retirement:

Did you reached sixty? And you got retirement from your job? If yes! Then you just got retirement from job not from your life, because your life didn’t ends yet, stand up and have some activities to make yourself feel better. Because Pareto’s Law says that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts.  Look at every area of your life from your work day to your wardrobe; from your friendships to your finances; from your possessions to your future plans.  What if I told you that you had to cut 80% from every area?  What 20% would keep?  More than likely, that is the 20% that will make the biggest impact on your life.  Focus on those “Big Wins.”


Join gym:

You need to make yourself busy in your life, and then you need proper plans after retirement. Join a gym, where you are able to make more friends and make yourself fit and fine. Because staying at home makes the retired people sick some times, so go on have fun with you gym friends and make yourself feel fit and perfect.



Play golf:

To make yourself busy and to have fun, play games with your spouse as an outdoor activity. The best game to play is “Golf”. Play golf with your love once. Have fun there and makes yourself feel refreshed well.



Spend time with your spouse:

Spend a quality time with your spouse. Because many of the times it do happens in your busy routine that you didn’t pay attention to your spouse, so after getting retirement from your hectic routine of your life you got to be able to spend a wonderful time your spouse.


Many of the above sixties love to have a planed outdoor activity of fishing. So have a friend with you and get a ride on ship, with some boating and fishing there. I hope that you are going to enjoy a lot. Catch fishes and cooked them up in front of beach side, have it with your friends. Enjoy well!


Walk daily:

If you actually want to make yourself feel fresh then you need to have a routine walk early in the morning.



If you love to do something creative then start painting, if you are a good artist then you can sold your paintings too, and earn money. But if you don’t want to earn money, then just paste your creative work at the walls of your home, and make yourself busy in these kind a activities.


Spend time with your grandchildren:

Spending a quality time with your grand children is the best way of letting yourself busy in your life and it will make you feel better and refreshed you well. Have fun with your grandchildren and with their activities, which provides you the best and the happier moments of your life.


Have some activities with your grandchildren:

Add some activities with your grandchildren after getting retired. Play some indoor activities or join them if your grandchildren are having indoor activities.



Cook something special food for your family:

Get in to the kitchen some of the times you are not able to have any other activity to make yourself busy well. Go on having fun in your kitchen; try something new with your daughter in law and with you grandchildren.


Or you can have a hobby; make it permanent after retirement to make yourself fell refreshed.


Healthy yourself:

Have some morning exercise with your friend or with your spouse in your lawn or any garden. Try to make it your routine. Don’t forget it will make you feel like forty instead of sixty.


Read interesting books:

If you are a good reader and you love to read then join a library or collect a good and interesting stuff out of the library and read it up.



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