Worst Driving Habits and Their Consequences

Did you ever consider that how your driving habits can influence you and many other people on the road? Well… it can really be a deadly problem for you as well as others. Many people have troubling driving habits and sometimes these habits become dangerous enough to take lives. Ironically speaking the problem is lack of awareness of the signification of “Life”.


Here are some of the worst Driving habits and their consequences that can make a huge wallop.


I really can’t get the charm of driving in a speed of 120 or more. I mean how can you be proud of putting your and others life in danger. Many of the people especially young ones have been seen breaking the speed limit and after that they brag about it! Others just make an excuse of being “late”, but if the consequences of breaking speed limit are kept in mind there will be much less road accidents.


The drifting, another road disease!

In simple words drifters move the wheels of their cars in a way that the car changes its direction in the blink of an eye it is an extremely unsafe action that can cause serious accidents as if another car is coming from back it won’t be able to change its way in such a short time.

Not tying seat belt

Even child know that fastening seat belt is for merely your own security, but many people have a habit of driving without wearing seat belt that can increase the chances of causality in case of any mishap.

Driving recklessly

There are people who drive a car like they are playing a “Video game” they drive without considering anyone’s life precious. Driving with a reckless behavior in one of the major causes accidents happen. If people stay careful while driving the amount of road accidents will come to Zero.

Using Cell phone while driving

Texting and taking phone calls while driving, is another absurd habit that has no match. It totally diverts your attention from the road and decreases your reaction time in response of any happening on the drive way.

Listening to high volume and bass music

Listening to music and listening to full volume full bass music are two different things. When you play such noisy music you become unable to hear the sounds coming from the outside. It causes problem to someone who is behind you and waiting for you to move.

Not respecting the right of getting way

Some people drive as if they own the road and no one else have the right to get the way, it happens in traffic jams and in the crowded areas. Not respecting others right to get way usually end up in a “dented bumper” or “a broken side view mirror”

Cutting others way

This is also a BIG reason behind the road accidents, people who always cut others way rather than staying in their own lane cause road accidents.

Road racing

There is a clear difference in a race track and a road for public traffic, but not everyone can see that difference and now and again become reason to a tragic scene.

Turning without giving signals

This is a very common habit of careless drivers, they may not think of it as something significant but it is highly suggestive that you always give signal while taking a U-turn or crossing way.

Putting on makeup while driving

The female drivers can often seen putting on make-up or giving a touch of makeup while they are driving, it’s just totally unacceptable thing to do on a road. It changes your focus from driving to mirror.

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