Worst Things That Can Happen When You Don’t Get Enough Vitamin D:

Deficiency of vitamin d may make increase the risk of spreading diseases in to your body especially liver. About 75 percent of the people are suffering with the deficiency of the vitamin D. we have to add vitamin in to our bodies by ourselves, as a human body is not able to make its own vitamin D, surely we have to make it done with all over the environment around us.


This kind of a patient doesn’t love to enjoy their lives. They just started to stay alone. These people also feel tired and didn’t sleep well. They need to stay unhappy most of the times. This is just because of the deficiency of the vitamin D.

1 depression

Heart disease:

Low vitamin D do associated with the severities of the heart diseases. It affects the coronary artery. That directly affects the heart. And it also has a huge concern with heart attacks some times. It increases the risk of stroke of hearts also.

Breast cancer:

Lake of vitamin D doubles the rate of breath cancer. It may also signify the tumor also. Breast cancer makes you feel a tumor on your breast. It starts spreading from one corner to all over the breast.

2 breast-cancer1


It carries fever, shaking chills, chest pain. These are the symptoms you got due to the lack of vitamin D. some of the times it makes you feel tired. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and headache are the main symptoms of the pneumonia. Just keep you D up. You will be secure of these diseases. Asthma got take place, having breath problems, difficulty of having proper breath are the cause of vitamin D.


3 pnemonia

Black skin:

It blackish up your skin, make it good by having a sun bath.

Digestive disease:

It affects your inflammatory bowel also. This makes the problem of the constipation. This may further creates an anus problem of having blood with you puss

Chronic kidney disease:

You need to provide vitamin D supplements to your body, if you are suffering with the deficiency of vitamin D. this disease is getting common in North America. This problem is affecting adult population of about 15-20%. High blood pressure, diabetes, and urine problems are most common in chronic kidney disease.


You always do feel tired with the lack of vitamin D. Bone and joint pains also takes place due to the deficiency of vitamin D. the pain sometimes got intense that may cause in sleeping disorder.

Skin cancer:

Vitamin D level should range in 50-70 nmol/L. never the less it is going to be a risk of skin cancer. And cancers are really tough to get prevent it from. The daily based diagnostic system may affect your whole body badly.

4 skin cancer and deficiency of vitamin D


the times these allergy got too much in intense mod. That may cause a cancer. It increased the chances for skin cancer.

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