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Diseases You Can Get From Your Pets

Pets are our companions that give us unconditional love and become a source of joy for us. But unfortunately, sometimes they give us germs due to which we may fall ill. Those diseases which are passed from animals to human beings are known as zoonoses or zoonotic illnesses.


Animal diseases are rare in those parts of worlds where there are good hygiene and veterinary care centers such as United States.

The purpose of writing this article is to inform you about certain illnesses which may pass to you from your pets. It doesn’t mean to make you fearful of having pets. You just need to be a little cautious.

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This disease usually occurs in those who are with poor hygienic practices, mostly among children. When someone eats anything contaminated with worm eggs, the egg breaks in the intestine and moves throughout the body. These germs may cause inflammation in eyes and sometimes blindness. They also affect liver where they may cause chills, malaise, fever and lack of white blood cells.

To prevent this disease you must get your pet’s place examined for parasites, at least once in a year.


Tapeworms of dogs and cats are generally less dangerous while if they are belonging to pork, beef and fish they may cause harm to humans. They develop and grow in the intestine and cause much harm to the brain and other organs of the body. Praziquantel and fenbendazole can destroy these parasites.Dog


Dog heartworms also infect human beings but it occurs very rarely. The parasite named
Dirofilaria immitus is spread by mosquitoes. The mosquito obtains blood from an infected pet (which may be a dog or a cat) and then bites to its owner, it is transmitted in him. It destroys the immune system of the person so very quickly.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever

Symptoms of this illness are headache, fever, pain in muscles, and rashes on skin. This disease is caused by bacteria named Rickettsia rickettsi. This is transmitted from infected pets. Rocky Mountain spotted fever is the most common illness in US.

Lyme disease

The most common source of this disease is your dog. Symptoms which are caused by this illness are swollen joints with severe pain, fever, rashes, enlarged tender lymph nodes and some of neurological signs. This is caused by Bactria Borrelia burgdorferi.

Rabbit fever

Rabbit fever causes high fever, chills, myalgia, malaises and painful enlarged lymph nodes. This illness is associated with rabbits and occurs in two forms affecting the lymph nodes and severe typhoid which may affect the whole body. A minor scratch can take you to this severe illness.

Q fever:

Q fever is a disease which is associated with cattle such as goats, sheep etc. A bacteria that is found worldwide, named as Coxiella Burnetti, becomes the cause of this disease. They are tough because they resistant common disinfectants such as heat and drying and they live for longer period of time. All people who get these bacteria in their body don’t get the disease. Its common symptoms are pain in abdomen and chest, diarrhea, vomiting, cough, sweats, nausea, sore throat, pain in muscles, severe headache and confusion.


Yersinia Pestis is the bacteria which is responsible for plague in human beings. It occurs naturally in a number of wild rodents which include prairie dogs in many areas of United States. Generally it is transmitted from a domestic cat which obtains the bacteria from prey rodents and then passes it to the owner. It is transmitted from rodent to rodent and then rodent to man via bite of a flea.


Anthrax is basically a disease of cloven-footed animals which is caused due to a bacteria Bacillus anthracis. The disease is sometimes fatal to man and animal. It kills cattle in no time. Before death the animals become weak and can’t breathe properly and the blood becomes very thin. In humans it affects the lungs very severely. If it is caused very soon then may be cured.


Rabies is passed by a salvia contaminated bite of any warm blooded animal susceptible to this disease such as bats, foxes, raccoons and skunks. There is a very excellent vaccine for the treatment of this disease. Those who work with wildlife can even get themselves immunized by their own.


Brucellosis causes fever, malaise, joint pain, flu and fatigue in human beings. The bacteria named as Brucella abortus causes this illness.

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