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Grooming Tips and Ideas for Long Hair Cat


Having pets is really enjoyable; especially when it is a cat and more especially we it has long hair. It is also just like signing up a commitment daily coat care whether or not you knew that at the time. Mats are unavoidable in long-haired cats which may lead them to infections and sores. They need daily attentions o that they might not be having mats. Here are a few tips which may help you in keeping your fluffy cat look magnificent.

Getting right tools is quite important

There are some special kinds of tools which are required to take care of and in grooming a long-haired cat. It is recommended to most of the groomers to have a wire slicker brush, an undercoat brush with a combination of wide and narrow teeth, a finer-toothed comb to go through the undercoat after you use the narrower brush, a flea comb for short-furred areas like the head, and a mat splitter.tou also may be able to alter a letter opener for a mat splitter.

Get your cat start grooming when it is young.

It is very important to get your cat familiarized with grooming at a very early age. Many of the professional breeders and groomers are of the view that your cat can be started grooming as young as eight weeks of age.

It is highly important to construct a trust relationship with your cat

Kitten gets used to grooming easily as compared to a long-hair grown cat. Therefore, if you are going to start grooming an adult cat then you have a huge job in front of you. But don’t worry. There is good news. If you want to start easy you need to acquaint her with the happiness and merriment of a good brushing and combing. Grooming her back first is more appropriate. If you approach the vulnerable parts such as belly, your cat tends to be little bit stressed. If you find that your cat is showing patience, be sure to reward her with her favorite treats.

Make sure that you are grooming your whole cat

It is very important to groom your whole cat rather than grooming some specific areas. Long-haired cats are most likely to form the mats in armpits and abdomen so it is suggested not to neglect the areas while brushing and combing your cat.

Be humane on finding mats

It is important not to tug on mats as it may hurt the delicate sin of your cat. Rather you should use a mat splitter which helps in cutting the mat into smaller piece and then can be removed with the help of a comb. It is found that grasping the hair by the toots and starting combing the mat out from the end of the hair also relieves some of the pain of tugging. It allows you to get the mat out after taking some time.

If you have along-haired cat, you can also visit some professional groomer and ask him/her that how can you keep your cat’s coat in good shape between appointments.

Hope this article will prove quite helpful for you in grooming your beauteous cat.


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