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Things Never to do Around your Bird Pets

While most dependable pet bird owners endeavor to make their pets feel part of the family and offer them a lot of one-on-one time at whatever point practical, there are times when they must to roost somewhere else. Here are few things you should do far from your beloved pet birds.



Exposure to ‘second-hand smoke’ can surely have bad health effects on individuals and different animals, and it can be significantly more evident in birds. A smoke-filled environment can prompt pneumonia, bacterial diseases, conjunctivitis and it can even bring about a few cancers in birds. What’s more, don’t ignore those cigarette butts, as they can be very attractive to an inquisitive parrot, leading to possible nicotine harm.

Eat Junk food

Some birds shriek at the site of potato chips or French fries or go into “lift me up” position when junk food is seen by them. Parrots can be very enchanting when asking for a bite of their owner’s food, and most of them are successful in getting a share consisting of a bite… or three or four of prohibited food. Be your pet’s medicinal advocate, and abstain from eating junk food before it, particularly on the off chance that you experience difficulties for saying a No.

Spray anything

A number of birds love partaking in their owner’s morning rituals. Having our pet roosted on the shoulder or on a near spot as we prepare before the mirror turns out to be a nature. We may overlook that applying hairspray, spray–on deodorant, and perfume or powder cosmetics can send irritants into our bird’s airspace, which is bad for their respiratory system.

Organize your paperwork

The force of their wings is not lost on most parrots, and they appear to instinctively know only the correct approach to fold their wings in order to dissipate the most paperwork. On the off chance that your schedule incorporates sorting a huge amount of printed material, for example, arranging your business receipts, tax records or loan papers, think about your pet as a fan that can blow your papers in a minute’s or less.

Place a call

Mutts howl at the sound of sirens … pet parrots shriek at the sound of their owner chatting on the telephone. Some parrots may impersonate or mimic the telephone discussion itself or copy sounds with murmured vocals. Numerous pet birds appear to feel the requirement for care and attention at whatever point their owners chat on the telephone. Make a call with your winged friend in the room, and be ready to say, “Say that once more?” or to listen, “What is that commotion?” from the person on other side.

A party

What could turn out badly hosting a big party, particularly if your winged creature loves to be the focal point of attention? In case you’re serving liquor, know that individuals don’t generally act mindfully in the wake of drining a couple drinks – there’s an expanded chance a party visitor will attempt to pet your bird and will neglect to perceive your pet’s posturing and dissents; bringing about a major, terrible bite.



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