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Tips for Keeping Pet Food Safe at Home


It is very important to know that basic food safety principles apply not on human foods only but also on pet’s food. If the food is not uncontaminated it can cause illness in your pet which sometimes may cause serious consequences.

If you have a pet, the most important thing you can do to save yourself, your family and your pet from food related illness is to wash your hands. You should wash your hands before and after handling pet. You should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds under warm running water. You should wash your hands after handling your pets and also before preparing your own food.

Don’t let the children touch your pet’s food.

It is very important to be careful with your pet’s food if you want to keep them safe from salmonella poisoning. In this regard you should have the knowledge about how to protect your pet against this disease and what are the signs to know if your pet is infected or not.

How to keep your pet’s food safe?

It is very important to pass a healthy food to your pet. Your pets always rely on you regarding their meals and this is really unfair if you don’t treat your pet rightly. You should know that animals can’t digest everything which men can do; therefore special attention should be paid on what actually you should give to your pet to eat. There are some foods which may cause illness to your pet and in some cases can even cause death. Some foods are harmful if given on regular basis. Upset stomachs, vomiting, and diarrhea are some of the most common illnesses to visit the veterans. You should make sure before giving any food to your dog that it is easily digestible won’t harm the health of your pet.

In case, if you are having birds, there should be some added precautions so that there may not cause any damage to their health. They should not be given food in non-stick pains in which Teflon is used. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made some efforts to reduce the chances if illnesses in your pets caused due to food contaminations. Here are a few food safety instructions you can follow to keep your pets safe from health hazards:

How to buy pet food?

While buying the food you should pay attention to its condition. There should be no signs of damaging to the packaging of food such as tears, dents etc.

How to prepare pet food?

Before preparing the foods and treats for the pet, you should wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. After using the dishes and utensils, you should wash them with hot water and soap. Pet’s feeding bowl should not be used as a scooping utensil.  Dispose of old or spoiled pet food products in a safe way, such as in a securely tied plastic bag in a covered trash receptacle.

How to store pet food?

You should keep the following things in your mind while having the pet’s food stored:

The food which is discarded or unused should be kept in refrigerator. Leftover food should be k kept at the temperature of 40º F. the food products which are dry can be placed in a cool and dry place under 80º F of temperature. It is preferable to store the dry pet food in their original bags in a plastic container which lid can be closed tightly. The pets should be kept away from the areas where food is prepared. Also keep them away from the garbage.

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