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Ways to Help your Cat stop Peeing Outside

It is a stinky a stenchy task when you find that your cat is not using a litter box. Helping your cat stop peeing anywhere can be an annoying task. If you are thinking that this is happening just with you, it’s totally wrong. This actually happens very often that your cat refuses to use the litter box you specifically brought for it.

This publication is a guide with useful suggestions which will help in preventing your cat urinating outside

Find if there is any health related issue

Most of the times cats pee in odd places when they have problem with their urinary may also be caused due to some other physical issues. Get your cat checked by some vet so that you may come to know the reason. And if there is nothing wrong with her health then it is a behavioral change.

Restrict the access to spots where it pees

Another measure you can take to stop your cat from peeing outside is restricting its access to the places where it pees. Keep it inside home and don’t let go outside. If you can’t keep the door closed all the times then you simply need to lay down the aluminum foil on the floor near the door. The cats hate the sound and crinkle under the foot; it would help you in keeping your cat from peeing outside.

Use Feliway

Feliway is a plug in pheromone which gives the cats a sense of wellbeing. Most of the people use it and get benefitted from its use.

You should clean all the places where she has peed. Wash all the laundry she peed on by using a cup of vinegar to eliminate the odor. It would make it impossible for your cat to smell its own scent and it won’t keep building the habit of peeing on the places where it pees.

Another litter box

If your cat keeps on peeing even after taking so many measures, try installing another litter box. Also make a point of scooping more often in her original box since it might be the smell of a dirty one that deters her.

Cat attract litter

Your cat would definitely make progress with the new litter box and hopefully you won’t find any errant pee again. But just in order to be safe, buy a cat attract litter. It will help you in being more pee-free.


Training is something which is more important. If you do all the other measures but you don’t train your cat, it would be totally worthless. By training your cat doesn’t mean teaching them to sit and roll over but how to coexist with us as a happy cat. Redirection is more important tool for training a cat. Pee here, not outside, potty here not in my plant etc are the repeated directions which improve the habits of your cat.

Other tips

In case if the issue of your cat peeing outside is behavioral, it could be territorial. Her peeing might be a reaction to something such as there may be some stray cats that taunt your cat out of the window. Putting a cat’s food where they have started peeing can deter them from peeing there.


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