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Ways and Ideas to Train a Dog


Training your dos is an engaging experience for you and your pet. You need to make your dog learn from basic commands to the advanced tricks so that you both may get a harmony with each other.

Go for the basics

This is lovely to have a pet, especially when they have learnt the basic command of obedience. If you reward your pet for its good behaviors, it will be happy and pleased with you. This way your dog may make your life enhanced. You will also be happy on finding that your dog is conveniently manageable.

Just like the humans, a pet also should be trained and well-behaved. It is also the nature of dogs that they often need your approval. They want to please you but you can’t get all these properties without making them trained.

Tips to train your dog:

You should consider it essential to train your dog. Here are a few guidance tips to make your dog perform all the manners of impressive tasks:

Train your dog to sit

An easiest command to teach your dog is to make them learn how to sit. It is interesting to start with. Hold a treat close to your dog’s nose. Move your hand up the way it allows the head of your dog to follow the treat and causes his bottom to get lower. Say “sit” when your dog is in sitting position and give him the meal and show affection and love to him.

Repeat this method more often until your dog learns it.

Make your dog follow you

This technique is very helpful in bringing your dog back when you lose your grip on him or if you accidently leave the front door open.

Put a leash and collar on your dog. Go down to his level and say him to come while pulling his leash gently. When the dog follows you, treat him with affection. When your dog has learnt, the leash is needed to be removed. Afterwards practice the command in some enclosed and safe place to make him well-trained.

Teach him in getting down position

This is one of the tough commands you teach your dog while doing his obedience training. It is submissive posture, you need to stay relax and positive while teaching your dog to get in down position.

Get some food with appealing smell and hold in your fist. Hold your dog up to your dog’s snout and when you find that your dog is sniffing it, move your hand to the floor. Your dog will follow it. Then slide your hand along the ground. It will make his body to follow his head. Once you get your dog in required position, say “down”. Give your dog the food and show affection after he follows you.

Teach him to “stay”

You can teach your dog to stay after training him to sit properly, else your dog night not learn this obedience command.

First of all, ask your dog to sit and then open your palm in front of you and say “stay”. After they take a few steps back and reward your dog with affection of he stays. Reward your dog even if he stays for a few second.

“Leave it” training

When your dog become curious about something which intrigues him and you find that the thing may be dangerous then this obedience commands helps you a lot in keeping your dog from harm. This technique is aimed to teach your dog to get something better by ignoring the present one.

Place something your dog is fond of eating in both of your hands and show him the treat in your closed fits. Say “leave it”. But let him sniff, lick, paw and bark in order to make a try to get it and ignore it. Once your dog stops making try, give him treat from the other hand. Repeat until your dog start moving away at once when you ask him to leave. Next, only give your dog the treat when he moves away from that first fist and also looks up at you.

Toilet training

After basic obedience commands, there comes the toilet training.

Take care of the regular mealtimes of your dog during toilet training. Offer your dog with frequent potty opportunities. Take him to the place when he wakes up from a nap or after having its meal finished. When you find that your dog needs to do potty, stay out with him so that he may understand that when and where to do it.

Appreciate your dog when once he has learnt. Offer a treat or something which he really enjoys.

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