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Ways and Ideas How to Trim Your Cat’s Nails


It often happens that you find your cat nowhere when she feels likes you are about to cut its nails. Most of the times, you need to wrap her in a towel to make its paws clean. Behaviors experts are of the view that nail-trimming periods are not always easy as they should be rather sometimes they bring difficulty for you. In order to cope with the difficulty to make your kitty relaxed and prepared for getting its nail cut, here are a few tips for you.

Set the mood of your cat

This is very much important that you introduce your cat with nail cutting when it is just a kid otherwise you will find it much difficult to do it after your cat grows up. All you have to do is, simply sit on a chair in a quiet room where you can easily sit and take your cat on your lap. Try to do the task at times when she is relaxed or sleepy. Make sure that no other pets are around and your cat is not able to spy any other animal, especially birds.

Be friendly and rational while clipping the nails

Softly hold one paw of your cat in your fingers and massage it. Massage the claw for no longer than the count of three. Don’t squeeze or pinch her paw if your cat pulls her away. Stay gentle and soft and follow the gesture of your cat. When you find that your cat has become calm again, you should press her pad a little and get the nails extended out. Now leave her par and serve her with a treat.  Repeat the process until you get all the ten nails clipped.

Get your cat aware of clipper

It is very important that your cat is comfortable with the clipper. For this purpose you may take an uncooked piece of spaghetti and hold it in the clipper near your cat. Massage your cat’s toe and press her toe pad gently. When the nail extends, clip the spaghetti with the clipper while keeping your cat’s paw in your gentle grip.

Take care of the Quick

Quick is the pink part of the nail and blood vessels and verves exists in this area. While clipping your cat’s nails, be very careful so that this sensitive area may not get damaged. Clip only the white part of the nail. Cut less of your cat’s nail.

When to trim your cat’s nails?

When your cat is in your lap and facing away from you, this is the time to take one of her paws in your hand and massage and press it’s paid until the nail extends. Check to see where the quick starts and how much of her nail needs to be trimmed. It is suggested to trim only the sharp tip of one nail. After cutting the nail, release the toe of your cat and give her a treat quickly. If you find that your cat is still relaxed and didn’t notice it, you can clip another nail. It is suggested that you should not trim more than two claws in one sitting.

Never forget to present your cat with her favorite treat after clipping its nails.

What should be the nail-trimming schedule?

A session for nail-trimming should be scheduled every 10-14 days. You can go for the assistance of your vet or groomer if you find your cat consistently refusing to let you trim her nails.


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