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Ways to Improve your Relationship with your Dog


The obedience, affection and faithfulness of your dog depend very much on how two of you are connected with each other. You must be in much loving relationship with your dog, but remember love alone is not enough to establish and maintain a strong bond. There is the need of a structure of good rules in this regard.

To create a strong bonding with your dog, you need to behave as a pack leader to teach good behaviors to your dog.

Protection is another thing which is very much important. Human laws are generally characterized by the protection of humans only, not of pets. You should make your pet secured so that it may provide you with faithfulness.

Here are a few ways to make improvements in your relationship with your dog:

Pay attention to your pet

Just like human beings, your pet really can feel when you are not paying attention to him. Your pet will definitely appreciate it if you put a little extra effort in making him feel special while performing other tasks.

Spend time with your pet alone

You should spend at least 30 minutes a day with your pet only. You can have a training session, a walk, hangout or just a sitting session with your pet. This can stimulate a good behavior in your pet.

Communicate with your pet

For having a great relationship either with a human being or a pet, communication is highly important. This is a mean of understanding and mutual harmony. Therefore, in order to improve your relationship with your pet, you need to communicate with it.

Your actions are more important for your dog rather than words

Remember! Your dog focuses your actions more than your words. As your dog pays more attention to your actions so every moment you spend with your dog is an opportunity to teach him positive behaviors.

Train your pet each day

D0gs love when you assign them some task. They constantly observe and learn from you. Therefore, you should show positivity in relationship with your dog as well as with other human beings. You can teach your dog the obedience practicing it.

Have a fun time with your dog every day

Keep in mind that your pet wants to have some fun time with you where you can play games with it which helps in strengthening its mind and body and can also improve your relationship with it.

Understand what your pet wants to convey

Listening is a core requirement for making any relationship tremendous. So you should make effort to know what your dog is saying to you.  There are cues for you in almost each part of your dog’s body such as position of tail, seed of its wagging etc.

Know what does your pet like and what does it dislike

This is another tip which helps you in building up a good relationship between you and your dog. Your dog has an individual personality with different likes and dislikes. He may want to snuggle all day with you or may prefer to hang our without you. Pay attention to what does your pet wants and provide him a chance to do whatever he likes. It would help in making a good relationship.

Don’t expect too much from your dog

High expectations often lead to disappointment. Don’t ask your dog to complete the job which in the start is tough for him. This way you will get your pet frustrated too quickly. The best way to make him perform such tasks is to break the tasks into smaller and easier ones so that he may learn the job or obedience behavior gradually. It will add into his self-confidence as well as it will be helpful in improving the relation between you two.

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