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Ways to Stop a Cat from Biting You

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There are a number of reasons due to which your cat may get a habit of biting. It is very hard to stop a cat from biting once the habit has been developed. Some of the cats love biting their owners. Sometimes it can be playful but biting for the most part is not a desirable behavior.

There may be different reasons for different cats for biting. If you need to fix the biting behavior of your cat, it must be analyzed what is compelling them to do so. Before taking an appropriate action to stop your cat from doing so, you must first know the reason behind their behavior.

Try to know the reason

The very first method to treat your cat’s biting behavior is all about knowing the reason behind this behavior. There may be some reasons which are not that much extraordinary such as it may get overenthusiastic while playing or it may be the response of boredom and frustration or might be it is asking you for something but you are not paying attention. Once you know the underlying reason behind cat’s biting behavior, it may become quite easy to stop it.

Understand that it may cause harm to you

It happens sometimes that your cat gets so much into playing that they forget themselves. You should not present you hand to your cat for playing with rather keep it on a safe distance from his mouth else the biting or a wound occurred due to the claw can cause infection to you.

Take a pause

You should call a time out if you think your cat actually goes after you while it is playing or it is more than an accidental contact. Turn your back to your cat as soon as it bites you. Cut off the play right away. Resume play for a minute and don’t communicate with your cat for some time. When you will repeat this practice for a few times, he will get the message which may help in stopping him from such behavior.

End the fun time

If you find that ignoring and taking your back away from your cat is not working, you can use another technique to give her a stronger message by stopping the play and bringing your cat to some other place and walking away. This will show your pet a direct and clear association between biting and ending fun times.

Make your cat tired

If you find that your cat’s biting behavior compels it to attack you even other than the play, it probably needs to lessen his energy. Spend lots of time playing with your cat until the point where you see it has become tired. A laser pointer is a very good option of your cat doesn’t seem to respond to other toys. But avoid making excessive use of it as it has the drawbacks too.

Help your cat in relieving its aggression

Sometimes cats bite out of anxiety and aggression which they feel towards anything. It urges your cat to attack anyone.

In order to cure the anxiety of your cat, you should keep some diffusers plugged in your house which make your cat feel protected.

Consult to your veteran

If you find there is consistency in your cat’s biting behavior and you don’t think that the above given tips might help you in getting rid of this behavior, you should consult your vet. Foods or medications prescribed by your veteran may help in calming your cat’s nerves.

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