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World Famous Lovely Dogs as Pet Animals

People love the company of dogs and think it very lovely thing to have dogs in their home. In eastern countries may be it is not very common but in western countries it is very common and not only males but ladies with full enthusiasm and love have dogs in their homes. Different people have different choices regarding pet animals. Many people love to keep parrot, cat, fish, rabbit or hens as pet animals but the advantage of dog is that it also gives you security.

It is universal known fact that dogs are very faithful to their masters and they are dangerous for thieves or enemies. In east or west everywhere in the world people feel secure if there is a dog in home. Not only the useful side but these dogs look very lovely and people really admire their look. When it is time to select a dog for home you may have many choices but the most lovely dogs are shown here for you.


1. most loving dog breed in the world (5)

Very lovable from look, these maltese will make you very happy especially ladies and kids will love to have this sweet little dog. They were originated in Central Mediterranean area and they can live for 12-15 years. These small dogs are very lively by nature and they will amuse you with their all time happy and playful mood. Their touch is very soft and you will find them all time active. Ladies love to keep maltese in their lap and those who do not have kids can have these small dogs in home as these dogs will help to lessen their feelings of loneliness.

Golden retriever:

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These large size bred of dogs lasts for 10-12 years and these are regarded as guide dog for they can help the blind and the deaf to fulfill what they lack. They are about 22-24 inches in length and these are the dogs which people use hunting or detecting dog as these are easy to train. These are found in golden or cream color. These retrievers can vary from one country to the other as British-type retriever, American golden retriever and Canadian golden retriever. Not only with masters but they become familiar with strangers very soon. These dogs have love for water and they have very friendly attitude.


3. bulldog-ap-vcr91y-645sm1516

These medium size breed of dogs also referred as English bull dog or British bull dog. These dogs have thick folds on eye brows, broad head and shoulder, wide eyes, nose roll above the nose, sagging lips with pointed teeth remain visible on face and these dogs have hanging skin under the neck. They have a natural tendency to form relationship with children very soon and these dogs will become a part of your family very soon due to their lovely and friendly nature.


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These cute pug want attention and love from their master and they love to follow their masters, therefore we can call them companion dogs. These dogs have wrinkled short face, curled tail and have strong muscles. These pugs were originated in China. These are best to keep for children as these dogs love kids and love to play with them. Not only common people but celebrities also like to have pug with them for the social nature of these dogs.

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