10 reasons I love my mom

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take.” –Cardinal Mermillod

The most precious person on earth can only be a Mother, the person who carry a child for 9 months in her womb, endure all the pain and suffering in giving birth and after giving birth. She protects her child, take utmost care of all the needs of the child. She supports you when everyone opposes you. Without any doubt a mother is the greatest blessing of the Creator.


I don’t need any particular reason to love my mom, but there are millions of things that make me love her.

Because she gave me life

she is the courageous women who gave birth to me and took care for me even when I was in her womb, she loved me from the day she first knew I existed and will love me till the end. She sacrificed her rest and sleep to take care of me.

Because she is always there for me

“A mother understands what a child doesn’t say.” – Unknown
she always know what I need and what I want, she know how I feel and how I am. She is the one who is always there for me no matter what.


Because she protects me

my mother protected me from any little harm when she was carrying me, she protects me from every evil of the world.

Because she is selfless

a person cannot be as selfless as a mother, she puts herself on the back and her only priority her family, her child. My mom is the greatest she never think about her pains but mine.


Because her love for me in unconditional

none in the whole word can love you as purely as your mother do because she doesn’t expect anything in return. Her love is naturally purest and deepest.


Because she is my teacher

a mother is the first teacher who make you learn how to sit, stand, walk, speak and then she prepares you to face the world. She builds your character and makes you a better person.


Because she NAGS me

we sometimes get annoyed of the nagging she do, but realizing that all the things she nags us about are out of her love and concern for us. She finds it her duty to see if we are not doing anything harmful. Not wearing warm clothes? Not taking Umbrella with you in a rainy weather? All her nagging sounds like this.


Because she is my biggest supporter and Well-wisher

the mother is the one person who will support you when the whole world opposes you. When you do something appreciable you mother is the one to celebrate it. And to be true I find no one my well-wisher other than my mom.


Because she forgives me every time

I make mistakes, people find it rough and lacking, the only person who pick’s me up and forgive all my shakings is my mother.


Because she deserves it




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