5 Things to know Before Getting Married


Getting married is the most exciting and unique incident in one’s life and most of you must be in need of a premarital counseling right now. There are a few crucial topics which you are supposed to talk about before making your decision to get married official. There are a few things both of the partners should be agreed on and it is also actually okay to disagree on. There are a few things that should be brought in the knowledge of your partner as well as you should know the things too.  Here is a guide you can consider for counseling your own self.

Is it just an idea of getting married or you are in love?

It is important to discuss whether you want to marry your partner or just to have a wedding. Do you love the person you are going to get married with or you are marring the person just because they are right for you? Check if you have taken the decision of getting married just out of your bridal excitement or it looks logical to you? Share each and everything with your partner whom you are planning to get married. Don’t get married just because everybody is trying to tie the knot. Make sure that the person is right for you and they are right for you. Share with them why are you going to get married to them.

What you both feel about having kids

Kids are a big part of the marriage. Some couples want many of the kids while some can’t imagine having even one. Have a nice and detailed discussion with your fiancé on whether or not you want to have them, how many you want to have, what way you want to raise them. Make a discussion about where do you see yourself in 5-10 years with your children. If the wishes of you both are not same and you people don’t find you on the same page, one of you should compromise and if not possible then withdraw your decision of getting married as it may arise complications in your married life.

Know the financial status of each other

Financial issues are one of the most prominent reasons of divorce all around the world. Couples are often found fighting over the divvying up the rent, paying cost of the cable and others. Sharing expenses on the early stage of the marriage resolves such problems but not all the tow of the partners’ job do jobs. So this is very important to have a sitting with your fiancé to having a talk over this topic so that they both may know what the other person wants and how can they contribute.

Know the nature and living style of your partner

It is sometimes very difficult to make a person part of your life and sharing your space with them especially when you are accustomed to live alone or according to your own choice. Discuss with your future life partner all the aspects of your life so that they may understand you fully and same should be on their part so that you may not face difficulties afterwards. If you can live together in a friendly manner then you should go for a new life.

 Know that you can’t change a person

You can change the habits, but not nature of a person. If you want to love someone and want to get married to that person but you find them totally contrary to yourself, You think that may the other person will be changed in future and you will have a happy life with them then it is just an illusion. You are being decisive to your own self. You should understand that you can’t change a person. They remain the way they are or in some cases it takes a considerable time and effort. Therefore, you should think over your decision of getting married to that person again and again.

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