Anger Management in Married Life:

“To love is to cherish one thought, to live for the person loved, not to belong to oneself, happily and freely with one’s heart and soul to be subjected to another will … and at the same time to one’s own.”  – St. Josemaria Escriva


Extreme anger and aggressiveness harms a relationship very much. It is a huge source of marital stress and makes a family life totally disturbed. Acceptance, compassion and resolution of this aggressive emotion is very important as to save your family as well as yourself to keep away from any further loss. The person himself can do so, by admitting and making continuous effort to manage this evil emotion. Anger is a totally normal emotion but it becomes quite harmful and destructive when it is beyond someone’s control.

Here we will provide you with a few sincere pieces of advices that may help you in resolving your issue of uncontrolled anger and aid you in living a peaceful life with your spouse:


The very first thing you need to do is the acknowledgment. Acknowledge that you have an issue. If you find difficulty in admitting then just make yourself calm, still alone for some time and have a glance on your behavior with your spouse at the times when you are angry.

If you experience difficulty acknowledging when you are having furious musings, keep a log of when you feel irate.

Be fair

Be fair with yourself as well as your spouse. Make effort to encompass yourself with your spouse and eliminate the entire negative impacts.

Get relaxed

Whenever you confront the situation which makes your anger out of control, take a deep breath and count to 10.

Don’t pay attention to the factor that made you aggressive:

Ignore the factors that made you frantic. Rather try to resolve it normally. Work with your wife to distinguish conceivable answers for your annoyance.

Go for a walk with your partner:

Nature lays a very soothing and refreshing impact on your mood. You should often go outside for a lively walk with your spouse and spend time in having talks to them. It would help you much in understanding each other.

Practice physical activities:

Practice exercises, yoga, meditation and other physical activities in the company of your spouse. Choose the best suitable activity which may help you in spending more time with your life partner.

Ask your spouse for help:

It doesn’t make you frail to ask for help, especially when you are asking your spouse for it. Your other half would love to help you. Your spouse can work with you to make adapting methodologies and to create relational abilities. Communicating indignation is superior to anything keeping it in; annoyance ought to be communicated in a fitting way.

Seek out the backing of your partner:

Seek out the backing of your spouse who is your best companion. Talk through your emotions and attempt to take a shot at changing your practices.

Keep yourself in the place of your spouse:

Try to pick up an alternate point of view by placing yourself in your spouse’s.

Listen to your spouse:

If you have communicated with your partner about your frantic behaviors and emotions, now this is the time to listen them. Follow whatever your spouse speaks to you in this regard. None other than your spouse can help in making this relationship stronger.



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