Dos and Don’ts of Texting Someone You Want to Date

Approaching someone you like can be a little tough as you begin to over think about the consequences, you might have fear of being rejected or just being ignored and that’s normal. But you have to take a step so you can make some change in your life, you will never get anything you haven’t tried to get. (Only by ultimate good luck you get it without asking). Texting is undoubtedly a significant way of communication but slightly antisocial. It is connecting friends, families and the lovebirds.


However, there are some ‘rules to follow’ to avoid misunderstandings and the creating a positive image of oneself even over texting in order to date someone you like.

See the following tips on how you should text someone you want to date.

Don’t make him/her wait too long

You’ve the opportunity and still thinking to text or not? You are being too silly (or shy may be). But letting the other person wait for too long, will turn them off and you can’t let that happen if you seriously are interested. If you let him/her wait longer than she/he has expected they will forget about you or lose interest in you.



Don’t text a simplest greeting

Greeting like Hi, hello or hey! Are quite lazy, dry and easy to ignore the next person won’t feel special. This has been revealed from surveys that most of the people don’t like such messages as the first message they receive. Instead of texting “hi, hey, or hello” a good first message should include a short self introduction and a question or a reference of pervious interaction.

Make ground for a meeting

When you are texting with an intension for dating, you should be now making your ground for a catch up. Don’t force it, but make a plan for going it somewhere on a weekend.

Don’t take the personal interview over text

Not to waste your “opening talk” at the first meeting, you shouldn’t be asking too many personal questions. Keep the conversation limited to this and that or talk about a specific topic of common interest.

Watch your grammar

It is important more than you think it is. Using broken English or the short form words, it me the trend but not so attractive when you are texting for the first time with someone you like. So be careful about your grammar. Don’t write too long sentences and don’t write as if you are giving English language text.

Watch what you say

Since this is you first interaction and they next person doesn’t know you so well or not know you at all, so this is obvious they won’t understand your “jokes, sarcasm or double meaning talk,” they might just misunderstand and get a wrong hint of what you say. Being careful in whatever you say would be the right thing to do.

Take time to text back

Though this isn’t a RULE but reply too fast might make you look desperate or totally up! So be a little slow in replying and you know that you don’t have to make them wait till they become a skeleton!


Catch the signals of ‘Stop texting’

If they are replying slower than they were replying earlier, the texts are now shorter know that now you should wrap up the conversation before you become a disturbance.


Decide if you have to wait or text first!


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