What is the Best gift for Wife on Wedding Anniversary?

Regardless of the number of anniversary you are celebrating, no matter if it is your 1st of 50th anniversary, this event you would never forget and would love to make it unforgettable. But you might not sure how to make this event unforgettable and eternal for your special person, but believe it, only putting little thought into a gift make it more special, or a thoughtful event organized by you can give her wings. It will make her realize that you do pay attention to her and know what she likes. Give her a cute surprise with bunch of flowers (those she likes). Well there is a lot more than that you can continue reading for more romantic and best gift ideas.


Paper theme

It might not sound so exciting but this is theme is actually amazing and gives you freedom to do a lot! You can do several creative things with this theme. Here are some of the cutest and coolest ideas.

A picture story of you and her only

Don’t you think she would love this? She will. Definitely. Collect some pictures of you too from timeline and arrange them on a photo frame making a story of you two.

An edited photo album

Nothing is more precious than memories and this idea allow you to share and relive your sweetest memories. Get a wedding theme photo album or make one. Take simple photo album and use your creativity and some lovely pictures of your partner and yours and give tag to those photos. This will surely move her.

A romantic’s novel

She likes reading? If yes, she will be quite more than happy if you, the careless husband give her a book of her favorite author. Prefer a great love story.

A series of love notes

Write right from your heart a great series of love notes for her. Nothing can be more beautiful than this!

Getaway together

It does not have to be anything extra expensive or exotic. In fact, you can reserve a room in a local hotel.  Just the simple act of being away and together can ignite a romantic spark.

It doesn’t need to be anything costly or colorful. Rather than that you can get a room in a nearby inn. Simply the getaway together can touch off a romantic sparkle.


Ladies love jewels, so you truly can’t turn out badly. A necklace, arm ornament, earrings or a ring for her are all great for anniversaries.

A date!

You don’t really need to get her a gift; you can simply arrange an exceptionally special dinner out. Nonetheless, you should ensure that it is extraordinary. Simply a meal and movie won’t work. So reserve a spot at that upscale restaurant, or score tickets of a hug show or whatever she likes. Do make it something veeeery special.

Perfumes, flowers and chocolates

These are matchless presents that are always special. Make a twist by p[resenting them to her as a surprise.

Couple Stuff

Another great option, you can even customize a pair of tea shirt for yourself and for her a couple of mugs. These small things are nothing but make other feel special because of the little effort.


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