How to Deal With Frustration in Relationships

We all face frustration at many occasions of life, there comes the events and happenings that leave us disappointed and frustrated. The reason could be anything that we didn’t want to happen, the anger or the expectations not met within the relationship. Not all the relationships are perfect that’s because people are not perfect. Dealing with frustration can be tough but it is possible when you keep hold of yourself, doesn’t over-react and give importance to your peace of mind.


“Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning do to do afterward.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

Here are some working tips on how to deal with frustration in a relationship.

Know and avoid the triggers

The best way to resolve a problem is to first know the root of the problem, and then you can think about the solution. In the case of “dealing with frustration” it is highly suggested that you think about all the things that push you to the point where you get frustrated and annoyed, once you know all the triggers, you can avoid those things or at least you can try to avoid those factors that cause frustration.


Give yourself sometime before you say anything harsh out of your frustrated mind. “Think before you speak” applies here and to all kind of relationships. When you are frustrated and angry you are more likely to say things you actually won’t utter in your right state of mind. So rather than arguing without considering your relationship with the other person, you must take the time to think what is bothering you.

Calm down first

When you are frustrated you are not “yourself”, and it can turn situations to the way you don’t. Therefore stay calm and even when it is hard to be. Do breathing exercises for relaxation.

Resolve things quick

Mounting up frustration and hurtful feelings can badly affect a relationships and it can go to the extent of separation and break-up. So it is very important that you resolve all the small conflicts and disagreements before they become a huge glacier of unbreakable frustration.

Give yourself some space

Devotion and dedication is fascinating and seems to be significant, but there is nothing like you have to be someone else for the other person and you have to forget about yourself, besides giving time to your loved ones, you need some ME TIME as well. Whenever your mind gives you hint of upcoming annoyance, consider it an alarm to get a break.

Play your part

It may be nearly impossible to avoid tensions and frustration but you can’t help it more than just playing your part. Stay loyal and honest and give respect.

Keep rational expectations

“Expectation is the mother of all frustration.”

The foolish and unreal expectations are not going to get real, trust this, “the lower the expectations, higher and the happiness.” When you expect only “Possible things” there will be less events for you to get frustrated.

Talk about the specific problem

Taking about the problem solve the half problem. It is true, no matter how big the problem may look like but when you talk about it and try to find the way out, things become easy automatically as it shows that you at least want to resolve the problem.


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