How to Develop Communication with your Parents

It is been observed that children talk to their parents more when they are young, the tendency to have meaningful conversations declines when they grow older and make friends, they then tend to share things with their friends rather than parents or siblings. They talk more with their friends than the parents. This is normal BUT not very encouraging in building strong relationship with parents; though the relationship of parents and children doesn’t become week but it fail to be as strong as it should be, lack of communication or lack of MEANINGFUL communication builds a gap between which becomes hard to cross afterward. Therefore it is important to have good communication with parents in any case.


Here are some ways you can develop communication with your parents.

Be a good listener

Listening is the most significant part of Communication which is often not considered important and ignored. But the FACT is if you can’t be a good listener, you can’t be good at communication with anyone. Our parents actually demand to be listened first and there is nothing wrong about it, they have so much to talk about which we never get time to listen to and they accept silently. So break the ice by giving them chance to speak first, be around and ask what they are up to, how they are and it will make them open their heart. Don’t hesitate to ask, your questions will be welcomed just try not to crack their privacy by asking a very personal question. By giving your chance to talk to your parents you will make the pace of better communication with them.


We often talk to our parents when there is some kind of trouble or we have a favor to ask for. Our parents may not bother about it, but this is totally a wrong thing to do. Talk regularly may be over the phone, text messages or best option is face to face conversation. Talk about everything, if not everything all the special happenings of the day or anything that you would like to share with them, it may be a funny incident, or an incident you saw on road. Just take chance to TALK.

Be open and honesty

When you are talking with your parents, be open to say anything you have to. You don’t have to hesitate or feel shy about it, friendly conversation amongst the parent and children boost the bong and make a happy family, the other RULE is being honest. Be honest with your parents with your parents and KNOW that they are your best well-wishers and they will forgive and support you even when the whole world is against you.

Try to UNDERSTAND them

To develop better communication, there is one MUST thing which must be done and that is “UNDERSTANDS.” Try to listen well and understand their point of view, we don’t see things as they see and with any doubt they know the best. So be patient and more understanding.


Show respect in body language and Words

Your parents deserve a lot of respect from you, be respectful when you are around them, listen to them when they talk to you, leave your phone aside and be attentive and reply to what they ask respectfully, watch your tone as well we often doesn’t realize when we become louder.

Reminder: Parents are the ultimate UNIVERSAL EXPERTS, so ask for suggestions about ANYTHING.


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