How to Get your Love Back

Well… It can be challenging and only you are the person who can take this challenge. No efforts are required IF YOU DON’T REALLY love her/him, but if you do no efforts should go wasted. Losing or letting go a person you love can be very hard, but getting back together can be harder especially if other person is too disappointed in you or have lost interest in you. Whatever happens, make sure to put your dignity high and don’t get mistreated or disrespected at any cost. Lost love might be found again but lost dignity will never come again.


Continue reading to know what you can do to get your loved one back.

What went wrong?

If you understand the reasons why you broke off it will become easier to patch up. Whether it was you or your partner who Ask yourself what did you wrong or why it comes to this point. Are you very much demanding? Did you not give her proper attention and time? Or anything you can think of as a possible problem. This is basically the most, most important step; until you understand the problem you can’t find the solution.

“The one who LOVES least controls the relationship.” – Robert Newton Anthony

Try and Fix those problems

Why would she/he come back to you? There should be some solid reasons for her/him to rekindle. And you should be the one giving your partner that reason. Be a better self, change any bad habit your partner didn’t like, make positive and visible change in your to make a difference. Even if you fail to get your love back but in the mean time you will realize how good you are maybe you deserve better.

Give it some ‘time’

You might feel to hold on to that person right after few hours or even minutes of break up, but will things work out? Probably not! You have to give this situation some time, let the emotions of anger and resentment cool off and rebuild your own self, improve yourself and reflect on your behavior, you might have done things or said something you are regretting now. But NOW the better option is to give and have some space.


When you think you have changed and you have improved yourself that is the time you should try to reach your partner again for the better. Make a call and ask if he or she can meet up. When you get a chance to meet, look good, be good, and explain good and most importantly LISTEN. You might have been assuming things which are unreal; listening to the other part of story will make things clearer.

Apologize if you did wrong

If you realize it, there is nothing wrong with admitting it. Admit your mistake(s) from the core of your heart and truly apologize with a commitment to not repeat what you are apologizing for. Life is short just play your part, expect less and make sure to make your heart’s door closed for grudges, enmity, revenge like evil feelings.

Know when to ‘Let go’

You might not be able to get what you want, not always. So know when you have to move on. You shouldn’t hold what is meant to go. Just think of it as chance to learn and grow. BE happy!

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