What should a Girl do if Her Guy Best Friend Proposes to Her?

Some unexpected situations can make anyone stun and stupefy. If you get into one like your best friend with whom you have been sharing all kind of your stupidity, who know you well enough and with whom you be yourself ask you to marry you, but you never had thought in that way (Obviously, who take their friends THAT seriously). This situation can be difficult for you, you at once might not even be able to utter a word or simply tell him, “shut up! We are friends.” Or may get angry, but wait shouldn’t you be more considerate to a “best friend”?


Here are some sincere tips to tackle the situation mindfully.

Don’t over-react

At once such time may be out of shock you just got from the proposal you react improperly. Or may just get angry and say something you regret later on. Remember he is still your best friend and you are obligated to think about his feelings. So don’t over-react and talk recklessly.

Take some time to think (Positively)

Before you respond to the proposal think about it, even if you know you are not ready for it. You can’t just say NO or YES at the spot any way. Take your time, tell him to give you some time to think, and then you can clear up your thoughts and gather all the memories you have shared with him, and review your relationship with him to make a decision. Don’t rush, don’t think empathically, be true and sincere. Even if you decide to say NO you can make him understand your feelings. A best friend deserves that much.

Think about your preference

In the process of making a decision, your priority should be your preference. You now have two choices, you want to be his Best friend only, or you can marry or date him. Think what you want, not what he will feel, since you cannot force yourself into a relationship with anyone not even YOUR BEST FRIEND. If you adore him enough as a best friend and cannot accept him as a spouse you can tell him. Again there is chance for him if you are not in a relationship already try thinking about him (sincerely) from different perspective other than a best friend, at least ONCE. The researches show that, “The friends make good couples and everlasting marriages.”


Don’t be harsh

You shouldn’t be harsh even if you get angry and annoyed from the proposal, it can hurt your friend’s emotions. Keep you calm and let him know that you like him as a friend (this might be enough to hurt him) so be there to cheer him and not leave his side right away.

Don’t abandon FRIENDSHIP

Some girls abandon friendship when they get a proposal from a close friend. But that does that worth it? Your friendship is precious and you should be more thoughtful and considerate to that. Abandoning your friend will be a mistake and you might just regret it afterward.

Be sensitive but reasonable

Your emotions may get tangled; you might also get confused between “liking and love,” no matter what you should be reasonable more than emotional to go through this.


Don’t fake it! Not even for the sake of friendship

You might be afraid to say reject the proposal and worry a lot to lose your friend and accept it even you don’t have any feelings for him, if you are doing THIS, you are dealing with the situation in the worst way possible.


Give him some time and space to settle down his feelings and wait for the time he shake off his feelings or just accept and agree to respect your decision.


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