How to Be a Good Friend

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship, a total blessing, when you have a good friend you can rely on, you should consider yourself blessed. A good friend is like a soul sister that may not be living with you under same roof but knows you and understands you more the people living with you, you can share your worries with her, you can BE YOURSELF around her and they will never judge you, a good friend doesn’t require you to be always up to the mark and support you in the bad times and cheer you in the good ones being truly happy for you. If you don’t have a good friend, be one.



Read this article I am writing it keeping in mind ‘a good friend’ I know and the general qualities a good should possess.

Be genuine

A good friend is not someone who always agrees with you, if he/she say mood is hot you say yes is, being a friend you should always be true, you don’t have to agree always. I am blessed with a friend, she is always true to me, and she will never say I am doing a good thing when I am not, she will advise me a better thing to do and that’s what a friend should do. Being a genuine friend includes not faking, don’t say what you don’t feel, you can always tell the truth no matter how bitter or hard it is. In the end it will turn out to be sweet.

Be there in times of need

Friendship is not about how long you spend time with someone, but it is about who was there for you in times of need, after all a friend in need is deed. If you want to be known as a good friend this is the most important thing you should be ready for. Everyone have hard times in their lives, in those kind of time one might feel despair, sad, and the world seems to be ending, in time like this, if a friend is around to console and share the burden of disappointment it really give courage to go through the hard times of life so be there when a friend needs you.

Be Supportive and encouraging

Support and encourage these two things make you a real friend. A friend should support his/her friend for whatever they want to do (not the harmful things of course) in their lives, encourage them for good, as encouragement is something that can push anyone to achieve their goals. Discourage any bad idea they have, yet you shouldn’t be a boring person not to try any harmless fun activity.

 Be loyal

Loyalty is rare now a day, the one gossiping with you will gossip ABOUT you.  A loyal friend is someone who is honest, and won’t be stabbing in the back, will be protecting you when you are not around, will fight for you and will never leave your side.

Accept others as they are

If someone can’t accept your bad qualities, he can’t be a good friend. No one is perfect, and that imperfection should be accepted. God created us all with different and unique traits, and that’s the beauty of life, what if everyone was alike and had same choices, same interests and talents, it would have been same like having a same food to eat every day. Accept and admire how someone is, and want to be. Don’t change someone because you don’t like them, at least this is what a true friend would do.
I am dedicating this article to my best friend (Fatima), thank you for EVRYTHING.

Thanks for reading.

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