How to be More Confident in a Relationship

One of the most important qualities a person can have is “Confidence”, Confident people have a different approach to everything, they are the successful not only in their professional lives but as well as in their personal lives, they do things with surety, they quickly adapt to any situation, and they know their self-worth and know when they should say “bye” in a relationship. Confident people never let others take their right to see, listen, speak or seek, they move forward from something that doesn’t fit to their standards and most importantly they know when to say “No”.


Here are some ways you can become more confident in a relationship.

Value yourself first

If you want to get valued believe in your value first, if you have a sense of self worth it will make you more attractive and respectable in the eyes of your partner. Valuing yourself means you accept your flaws your imperfection and put yourself at a place where you should be respected and loved. If you know your value you will be much more confident in whatever you do of feel.

Don’t over-analyze

There are people who have fewer things to do and they sit and analyze their partner’s words and actions and they over do it. Thinking about why other person reacted in a particular way and making over analysis are two different things. Confident people have no time to waste on such things and they do what is right and bring some outcome, and just the talk.

Disagree sometimes

The most charming trait of confident people is they know they don’t always have to say “yes” and they know when they should agree to something. Having confidence to say no is not something common and that’s make it a special quality. Know when you should agree and when you shouldn’t it will make you look confident.

Keep your identity alive

When people fall in love they forget about themselves, they start to like what the partner like, start hate what he/she hates, they abandon friends and families (especially in the new relationships), and is something totally unfair to oneself. The people with confidence don’t choose this path to walk on. They keep their selves alive and respect their individuality.

Admit mistakes

Admitting to what you have messed up requires courage. When you make a mistake in a relationship it becomes hard to accept it, the reason can be fear of breakup, getting into fight being judged or anything like that but confident people doesn’t have these fear and admit whatever wrong they have done and they try their best to fix it.


Speak don’t argue. This should be one of the basic rules in relationships. Talk about any conflict or disagreement before it become a dispute or a huge deal.

Reveal something embarrassing

As Kuriansky says, “sharing your secrets or something embarrassing about yourself with your partner makes a feeling of security and confidence. Self disclosure is helpful for building confidence in a relationship.”

Stop comparisons

Comparisons only show lack of confidence. Stop comparing yourself with your partner because you are someone he can’t be and he must have some qualities you don’t have.


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