How to Deal with a Wife who is Always Angry?

If you are just another couple who is facing some issues because the female better half is always angry and resentful, then you must go through this writing. This attitude may cause problems but you should be the one who must not let these things spoil your relationship. You need to know the basics about your wife’s mood swings and the ways to handle her.


Some men want to avoid conflicts but they don’t know how to cope up with the situation when the wife deliberately comes to quarrel with them. In this case, you need some tips which you must follow. So, just have a look on this article.

Listen to her:

Give her time and make her utter the things. Don’t make her feel that there is nobody to listen. Your carelessness or busy schedules can also make her angry all the time. May be she is seeking for someone who may listen her and bring her out of depression. Listen to her when she is shouting, maybe she is very uncomfortable. Bring comfort to her.

Agree with her:

Don’t present fake sense of approval, it will make you look stupid. Convey the message of agreement through your body language, gestures and postures. Make her feel that you are agree with her in the reason of her anger. Make her feel that you have surrendered to her. Otherwise, she may shout more and become more angry.

Be kind to her:

Anger response may hurt her and make her feeling damaged. Don’t threat her. Be very kind towards her and make her secure with you. Stay sincere to her and don’t criticize. She will feel emotionally safe if you listen her carefully.

Acknowledge her:

Showing respect and acknowledgment to her will make her confident and conform. She will become obedient and respectful towards you.

Be her friend:

Try avoiding giving her orders, she is equal to you and deserves your careful treatment. She is equal to you, talk her humbly and nag her. Share everything with her. Do enjoyable activities together and have fun. Make her smile, she will make your life peaceful.

Don’t get into competition with her:

Don’t make her feel that you are competing with her. This will just accelerate her wrath and she will become more aggressive and intense. You should better stay peaceful and calm. Everybody knows the weak points of his wife and he can easily target them and achieve peacefulness in relationship. Don’t even try to defend yourself, when she is angry.

Change your habit which makes her angry:

You should make the alteration is characteristics of your response such as timing, tone or style of communication. It will help you in changing your habits which are disliked by your wife and will be helpful in growing your relationship healthy.

Go out with her:

When everything becomes alright, ask her to go with you somewhere outside. It will make her more relax and happy. Talk to her in a very light mood and share reviews on some other topics. It will help her to feel so much relaxed and her hormones will be back to normal situation. Tell her she is right and the thing she is mad over was really something which wasn’t supposed to happen. If she is as fault, don’t say this to her directly, just make her feel by saying rational sentences. Support her in her thoughts and acts.

Present her something when she easily surrenders:

Whenever she throws her weapons and don’t lead the situation to be prolonged and intense, present her some gift in order to make her realize that she will be valued much more if she doesn’t prolong the quarrel. Bring smile on her lips. She will definitely repeat the same thing next time.

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