Ideas and Tips for Best Wedding Theme and Reception:

Don’t you be stuffy now! If you want that your guests feels your reception the ever best reception they attended before then you need to entertain with the full fledge fun in your party. And yess your couple is the sweet one who will be provided by different themes of reception in it.



Make your guests feel relax:

You need to make your guests feels relaxed, just to make it a memorable reception for your guests. Your guests do what you do. If you do dance then they also are able to join you. If you feel shy, then they also do feel shy. You actually needs to do is what? You just need to make them feel relax.

Make your guests entertained:

Make your guests entertained with different ideas. Don’t add too much entertaining ideas in your reception that you yourself got confused to what to do next. You don’t need to make your party over burden with entertainment.


Guests always have eye on the groom and bride. You’re the one who got the first dance alone on the dance floor. If you want to look the attractive one, then you need to have a rehearsal of your dance on the same dance floor before the party starts. If you didn’t make a dance rehearsal then maybe you are going to ruined up your party. If you dance well you will be the famous one then. Make sure after finishing your dance invite your guest also on the dance floor to join you and also have a great fun of dancing.


Band and Dj:

Your band and Dj should be trained and informed well before your function starts up. All of the instruction of the music, the time, what to play, what you are going to have a dance on, music selection, etc. each and everything should be informed well to your band.

Entrance of the groom and bride:

The entrance of the groom and bride should be astonishing. You need to place any kind of a system of a flower rain, when the couple entering the reception hall. Welcome them with the bouquet. Play a beautiful background song. This will pleasant your hall with smiles on every one face.

Table cards:

Arrange different styles of table cards, for the guests and also for the married couple. Place their cards with names in the tables that no one got misunderstood of misplacement of the seats.



Party games:

Play party games. There are different ideas of party games for the groom and the bride. As the shoe game is the very common one, in it the both the couple got setup with back to back chair, then some questions will be asked by them about their relation and etc. both have to exchange their shoe with each other then they have to raise the shoe after putting their answers. If the groom wants to answer the name of her bride then he will raise the shoe of the bride. And the bride also does the same. This will go to have so much fun if you do arrange such kind of a game.




Add some surprise in to your party by hiring any of the famous celebrity in your party. This will be the huge fun if any of the celebrity is going to attend your marriage ceremony.


The lights arrangement of the hall should be dim. The high level of lights may affect the movie maker. As due to dark light the pixel of the movie will be seems dispersed. Bad impact, you need to shut the lights off when the groom and the bride enter the room. Just put the white light that they easily move following the blue and white lights.



Food and drink decoration:

The way you’re presenting the food should be managed with some decoration in your marriage reception. That your guests feels relax and to see something new.



Candles on table:

As the lights are going to be too much dim in your reception then you need to add some candle concept in your party. Place aroma candles on your table.



Add some collection of slide show of your engagement or other days.

Natural theme:

There should be some natural themes:

Zen theme (natural and beautiful garden)

Seasonal themes ( snow + summer )

Twig light theme. (you need to follow Edward and Bella)

Barbie or the princes theme ( follow any of the fairy tales)

Vampire theme ( make yourself vamps)

Foggy theme (have fog everywhere)

The hunger game theme ( a jungle reception)

These themes are arranged as they are seems in such kind of the movies. As in hunger game you can place your reception is the jungle.

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