Ideas to Spend Weekend (time) with your Family


If you are not sure about what to do with your family on weekend and how to spend a quality time with them, don’t worry. Let us share our ideas with you.

You can do anything together as a family while you are having free time on weekends. Most of the activities you can do with your families are inexpensive. The only expense you may bear would be on your food. Stick to a few guidelines while deciding how to spend your weekend such as

Don’t forget to go in nature

Nature puts a very refreshing effect on your mind and helps in keeping you fresh for longer. Therefore, while making some time out, consider staying closer to the nature.

Activities should add fun in your life

Adopt the activities which are fun to do so that you may have a good laugh together as a family.

Increased social interaction

In our routine daily life we get very less or no time to make interaction with our friends and family. It is necessary to get in touch with them so that your children may also known the healthy ways to interact, react and deal with the people of various sorts.

Consider the relevance of spending

Don’t always go for cheap options. Of some interesting and worth spending activity calls for some expenses then you must go for it.

Ideas for spending quality time with your family on weekends:

Here is a list of some activities you can chose to do with your family, especially kids on weekends:

Visiting friends and family:

Meeting up with your friends and relatives helps in bringing people together. You may have a family feast at your place or may visit some of your friends or relatives. Try to catch up with your relatives having the children of same age group as of your children so that they may have a good company.

Going for shopping

This is another wonderful idea for your weekends. It is one of the most favorite activities of most of the people. Shopping provides your children an opportunity to mingle with other children having same interests. They also get exercise by walking during shopping. Take your children to toyshops and bookstores.


Hiking is an excellent way for your kids to be in great outdoors. It also helps in making a direct interaction with nature and provides a platform for them to get mingled with other children possessing same interests. They also become physically active and mentally fresh and delighted. Provide them with the opportunity to go to a different trail every month.


Baking is another activity you can do with your family with equal participation of all the family members in it. Bake some foods which are favorite of all. Kids generally like pizza, cakes and such other baked items. Have fun time in kitchen and then on dining table.

Going swimming

Swimming is something which makes you physically active and healthy. Reach some nearest leisure center with your family and do swimming. It is really enjoyable.

Playing some community sports

Sports also play an important role in your life. There are so many types of community sports you can play with your family such as football, baseball, cricket, basket ball and others. It also provides you an advantage of meeting up with new people.

Doing art and craft

Kids love arts. We can do art at home or can visit some art gallery. Make use of some waste things from your house and prepare art pieces. Such as, you may make an aquarium by using empty tissue boxes, papers and some strings.

Going to the zoo

Watching wildlife can be a huge source of great joy to your family, especially kids. Head out to some local zoo in the country side and get amused.



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