How to Impress Your Father in Law


When a person marries someone he doesn’t marry only a person but a whole new family. Accepting them make the relationship more strong otherwise the relationships becomes tensed and complicated. Moreover if you want to keep your partner happy you got to love and respect his parents as you respect your own and there is nothing wrong with your marriage if you are dealing with kids, work pressure and in laws, that’s a normal marriage!

Read this article to how you can get along well impressing your father in law.


Respect is charming; whoever gives it to you feel good about them. Respect your father in law to gain it back. No one is respected without giving respect. “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” –Richard Bach

Give attention and time

The grownup parents at home seek for attention sometimes and that’s their right and your duty. But when it comes to impressing the father in law, yes it works! Give some extra attention to him, making bed, clearing seat for him, or little gestures like this will make him considerate toward you. Spend sometime around him, talk about his interest and Listen more. That’s will take nothing but your time.

Give presents

We all love small and big surprises and presents. And it increases the love and harmony as well so why not grab a nice gift for your father in law? It will make him happy with you.

Don’t be a lazy person

Lazy pals cannot anyone. You got to look and be active. Sit in right posture in front of elders and don’t just always sit. Be active and do little things with your hands.

Take care of your spouse

His precious son or daughter is no longer ONLY his child but your spouse, he won’t care much about anything else but how much you love and care for him/her. Treat your partner nicely, especially in front of them, don’t just show it be real.

Be gentle and kind

Being kind and gentle shows your nature. It is not about being tricky but be actually kind to everyone including your father in law.

Smile often, even when you don’t get their joke.

You are not in a position where you can criticize a joke or something. Just laugh or smile even when you fail to understand the joke. Above that always put a smile on when you meet him.

Ask them about their hobbies and interests

In the age of 60 people like to talk about themselves and adore the people who ask them about their life events, interests, hobbies and all. Listen with attention and care when he is talking to you and you will make a special place in his heart.

Don’t get into politics

You might know more about the politics and current affairs but Show some respect for his opinion if he isn’t agreeable or even when it doesn’t make sense.

Ask for advices

This is another way to show your respect for your father in law. So whenever you get into some kind of situation or anything where you need expert advice, ask him.


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