Memorable Moments in Life Above Thinking

It gives chills to me thinking that the moment right now will become a memory one day, its true our today will be our past someday. We grow up making cluster of memories, some are harsh some are delightful, when you look back at your journey and think for a while there must be some popping up star like memories, you see your failures your achievements and happiness that you might have felt at that time comes back to you.


Here are some relatable memories.

Realizing who your first friend was

We make a lot of friends, some of them cherish us a lot, they seems like a blessing and become part of our lives, But remembering the first friend we had in our childhood, the one who entered school with us, played with us, leave a smile on our faces.


Childhood games you played

Played a lot of outdoor games in your early life? Yes we did play out more than kids play now a day. Recollecting all the mischievous memories is ecstasy.


The home where you were grown up

For me my life changed a lot when I moved to a new place, leaving my friends and people I was once surrounded with, the room where I studied, played, slept and spent most of my time I remember every nook and corner of the house.

The last and first day of high school

As a student, the excitement of first day at school, memories during the school years and last day are most bright in our eyes.

Your graduation

The first time we feel sense of achieving something is when we graduate from school. Nothing is comparable to this delightful memory.


Failure or disappointment you faced

The time when you were despaired, all your hopes went faded away, you faced the failure you, you considered it unfair and went in hiding, you discovered something at that time and that’s your strength to face the difficulties.


Your first love

Feeling all those butterflies in the stomach for the first time and realizing you are fallen in love, thinking the ways how to express it or how to hide it is magical memory that is not forgettable.


First pay

This is the time you feel like you own the World. First money you earned with your skills in more precious than the Jewels of queens.

When you witnessed history

You have witnessed a lot of history making events if you now look back.


Your first sole driving

This feels like you can now do anything?


The pets you loved

I remember Rita my pet dog I used to play with, what pets you played with?


Trips with friends

The Trips with friends are the most memorable trips, you do spontaneous things, you never though you would do.


Witnessing beauty of nature

Seeing a rainbow, a splendid sun-rise/sun-set, the snow fall, mountains with trees, witnessing the nature’s beauty is the most charming memory.

Whole family’s get togethe

This is not just a memory but takes you back in the past and let you live with people you cherish the most.


The time of leisure

Are you too busy to be carefree now? Remembering the time when you had no responsibilities beside the home work make us realize how convenient the childhood was.

Getting married

This reminds you the best day of your life, may it be the best for all.

Birth of your first child

This is truly a memory that can’t be expressed with words only, feeling the touch of your little one for first time it’s just can’t escape one’s memory.


Last day at work

Last day at work, this puts you at ease finally and bring back the people you have worked with.


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