Most Familiar Reasons Behind Husband Wife Battle:

Even though in a very successful there will be a fight between the married couple. I don’t think that there will be a couple who didn’t fight to each other ever. If they are perfect couple or not there will be a huge fight once. A lot of the reasons are there due to which they fight with each other. Sometimes the hectic and abortive sort of reasons takes place.


Cheating matters:

Cheating matter are getting too much casual now a days between couple. Several ways of cheating are there In between the married couple.


Cheating for the sake of money. Many of the people have to face the poverty session, due to which they do cheat there love once. If a man is asking to not to do that work, but for the sake of money she is going to do cheatingly and vice versa.

Some of the man and woman do cheat there partner for the sake of having another love.

1 cheating

Children take care:

Most of the time a fight takes place between the couple due to baby’s taking care. Everyone is running to earn money, so every next person is having different jobs, and having a baby is the matter where the battle between the couple takes place. As demand between one of them is to leave your job and vice versa. Thus the battle takes place.


Financial problems:

Financial problems are the common one. People think that money matters a lot but it’s wrong according to me a relationship matters the most. The couple are not able to manage their money that’s why the battle held’s. It’s not bad to get upset for, but make do it calmly for the future of themselves and their children. Whenever the couple talks about the money there will be a battle for sure.



Misunderstanding is the main cause of having a battle. Sometimes they got full trust on the rumor they listen; some people do have nature of untrustworthily, which may cause argument then dispute between them. Many of the couple does have trust to each other. But mostly are not assurances they have to face troubles between the lives.


4 misunderstandings

Sexual matters:

Disagreement in the sexual matters takes place. It held’s, when there one of them is not in mood or may be not feeling well, and the other is unaware of the situation. Due to which an argument takes place. Don’t get upset neither hyper. Try to make this matter too much intensive mood. Try to talk to each other and make your problem solve out.


5 disagreement for a sexual relationship

Earning issues:

Everyone has a earning hands in their home. But some of the man didn’t have job or they are idle and didn’t want to work, not even for the sake of their children future. So there will be the huge disputes many of the time in a single day.

In laws issues:

In laws issue is actually the biggest and the huge problems between happy couples because the interference of the in laws is at peak in most of the homes. So that deliberately does spread disputes between the couple. The parents should interfere the less in their lives. And make them stay happy.

Less interest in wife:

Arrange marriages do affect their lives badly; they have less interests in their partner. Due to which battle takes place. Some of the man does have a habit of watching every passer by girls, which is unbearable by any wife.

7 martial affairs

After baby:

Every couple wants to have their own baby as their own asset. But many of them didn’t get the habit of having a baby, especially man. He just need to calm down himself.

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