What to Say to the Person who Broke your Heart

If you are reading this article with the hope to find some way back to your ex I am not sure that you will find it, Life is not about “lingering” life is about moving on and change. The truth might be bitter but its essence is sweet. The person, who broke your heart filled with love, doesn’t deserve YOU but maybe a few words to show how strong you are.


Read the following to fix your heart and his/her mind.

I will be okay

This is what actually going to happen so don’t worry and show it to the person NOW. “It will be harder than you thought possible, for longer than you thought possible… and then IT WILL END. You will get over it. You will realize that the rest of life is STILL awesome!” —Jennifer Nelson

“It’s a bad day not a bad life.” –Unknown

The good is yet to come

Think about it, “If you could fall that hard for a person who is completely wrong for you, imagine how hard you can fall for the person who is perfect for you.” —Meghan Mary Dillon

I loved you but I love myself

No one deserve your love more than you deserve it, let them one last time know that you loved but You now know you deserve better and you love yourself.

You are strong

Hard times makes us stronger and unbreakable, “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.” – Bob Marley

You have no regrets

Tell him/her you have no regret for whatever happened and you know everything happens for A GOOD REASON.

You have no urge to get back together

This should be made clear to anyone who breaks your heart that you may forgive but you will never ever get back together. “Don’t date your ex. It may be tempting, especially when you still have feelings for the person or how much you wish for things to work out, but it ended for a reason the first time. Or second time. Or third time in my case.” — Erikal


You will survive

Yes, no matter what you will survive this, “I would tell my 15-year-old self: That boy who just broke your heart, don’t sweat about him. As it turns out, you don’t even like boys all that much.’” —Courtney

He/she isn’t Sun that Earth will revolve around them

You are the most significant in your life not anyone else and your life can’t revolve around anyone else. “Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary.”Oscar Wilde

You learned

Broken heart gives nothing but lessons, courage and strength. Learn from it and let that person know what you have learned. “I wish I could tell my younger self that they will learn from heartbreak. That heartbreak in one relationship will eventually lead to growing as a person. Heartbreak is just life’s way of preparing you for who you are ultimately meant to be with. —Brayandelosr

You moved on

Life is not static, it is about movement. And now you have a chance to move liberally.“You feel like you’ll never love that way again, and it’s true. With each person, it will be brand new. You’ll move on after this and find another love, and it will thrill you as much as the last did, but in a different way. Look forward to it.” —Mabel


Thank you for …

The chance to get hold of your life, learning what you never knew and finding “YOUR SELF” again. Thank him/her for giving you a chance to find happiness again.


Reminder: Don’t keep grudges, it will not harm anyone but you so FORGIVE and FORGET no matter how hard it may seem to be.


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