How to Show Feelings to a Girl

If you have true feelings for anyone, don’t you think showing your love and concern should be original and natural? However you feel will get through her if she is a friend or close to you already (may be as a classmate, relative or friend) without having you to tell her, but in any case you won’t be sure about HER feelings for you and of course you have to be sure she knows how you feel.


ONLY if you have sincere feelings for her I will suggest you to make following positive moves.

Smile warmly

You may be smile even when thinking about her… but you have to smile looking into her eyes to let her know she makes your corners or mouth lifted up. Whenever you get to see he, smile warmly. This is a good gesture of showing a kind feeling of love.

Protect her

First you should know her nature, there are few girls who get irritated when someone act protective for them, but most of the girls eventually fall for the guys who protect them in small fights, takes their side when having a group conversation. Protect her from any harm possible and give her genuine advices if she listens to you. You don’t have to over protective (of course) girls REALLY don’t like that. I will advice again, ONLY if you truly like her and not because you think you like her.


The best way anyone can show his feeling of love for any girl is respecting her. I as a girl would compromise on anything but not my self-respect and will never think about seriously a person who has ever shown disrespect for me. Girls are like that and they should be! Show your respect for her in small and big matters.

Take care of her

Showing your concern for her will make a space for you in her heart. But DON’T JUST show but actually take care of her. Love in the eye of a girl is not bringing stars on earth for her but making her feel special by taking care of her small things, and doing little things for her.

Just be honest

If you like someone, always be honest to her, be yourself and never pretend anything, don’t show off and don’t be someone you are not. Be real about yourself and about your feelings.


Compliment her skills not just the outer looks

She was born pretty, she was born with the looks she have but she wasn’t born with skills she own now, she earned them with her diligence and hard work so complement her accomplishments and her unusual skills and talent. And always give genuine compliments.

Make her feel special

She is special for you; this is the reason you have to make her feel special. Don’t treat her as you treat all other people. Give her some attention and show your concern for her. That should be enough to make her realize your feelings.

Tell her you miss her

When you don’t see her for long or couldn’t talk, let her know you have been missing her at the first glance of her.

Reminder: Don’t force your feelings on anyone, you will eventually get hurt.


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