Side Effects of Inter-Religion Marriages


Religion is what you believe in and decides your way of spending life. This is a very wide term under which your entire life is covered such as how you think, how you act and how you live your life.

Getting married in another religion may bring numerous complexities that may go longer. It is hard to define all of the challenges faced by inter-religions couples. Here are a few basic confrontations:

Understanding each other

As every religion has its own code of conduct which may be partially or entirely different from the other one and so the people are. People from different religions have different thoughts and ways of living as religion shapes the whole lifestyle of a person. Therefore, both partners may find lots of difficulties in understanding each other.

No support from family

Inter-religions marriages are accompanied with the unfriendliness and opposition of the family, friend and relatives in the initial period of life and may be later too. It can lay foundation of trust issues between the partners later and spoil the relationship. It is important to take time before marriages to get better understanding of each other and gaining confidence in commitments.

Difference in belief can be inacceptable

There come the moments in inter-religion marriages where the difference in belief becomes despondent. None of them can lose his/her belief as they have been living with them since birth. Being unaware of such possibilities and having no patience to embrace other’s belief may raise difficulties in handling the relationship.

It becomes difficult to decide children’s life philosophies

This is the most challenging aspect of inter-religion marriages to decide what to hand down to your children, what should be their belief and which religion they have to follow. You can’t ignore the fact that the core values are almost the same in all the religions but the tradition and practices make them different.

Conversion may give rise to confusions

Around 40% of inter-religion couples chose this option and one of them converts to the religion of other but later on he/she may have the feelings of being treated unfairly and resentment for being pressured into converting. They may later find it difficult to follow the religion. They may find a deep association with the pervious religion. All these feelings may make it difficult to continue with the relationship.

Lack of respect

Bother or either of the spouses may not get the respect from other’s friends, family, relatives or the whole society. Or it may also happen that the both sides accept them as a couple but later on their children may face the problem in this regard. They may find difficulty in surviving among their friends with pride. They may suffer social humiliation.

For avoiding all the above inter-religion marriage difficulties, a couple should consider itself as a unit not as two separate people from different religions so that they may create an ideal intimacy among them and make their life better to live.



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